Housing benfit.

If you have worked and paid taxes like myself and then made redundant. The DWP only pay your mortgage interest £80 a month and leave you with the problem of paying the rest of your mortgage out of your JSA.

Compare this with a single mum who has never worked but housed opposite me. She gets her full rent of £550 a month paid, child benefits, JSA and she will qualify for free school meals for her child. The father only visits so she gets maximum welfare. The landlord who owns the flat lives in Spain and never works and gets his full mortgage paid plus makes a profit. Why should the system help rich landlords but not those who have worked?

Nobody should get their full rents paid the system should only pay a percentage and expect the unemployed person to pay something out of their JSA. Also the system should make people who get their rents paid do some work for the money they get for free.

The welfare system should be reformed so you can only get out from the pot what you have contributed to it by working. I know several people who have been given free council flats and none of them have ever worked since being given free housing. My grandparents used to live in council housing but they worked – the system never gave them a free house.

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