Why I won’t vote Labour

25 Percent of the Council Tax we pay goes to Public Sector pensions and Union bosses wages.
Labour created loads of none jobs in the Public sector.

Freeloading – most people I know who have been given a free Council House never have worked
since getting a free home. Somali’s get their rents of over 100K a year paid by the welfare state.
A third of Liverpool are on Incapacity benefit – are this number of people really sick?
Irish travelers chose England to live in and  not Ireland – why?

Immigration – Labour had an open-door immigration policy allowing in 2 million people within a decade most asylum seekers have passed through safe lands and are just economic migrants.

What is wrong with England?

We allow bankers to play the markets like somebody betting red or black on a roulette wheel – hedge funds being one example.

We allow Irish travelers who have big homes in Ireland to bypass planning permission and build homes on Green Belt.

We let Somali’s live in million pound houses in London and pay their rents of over £2,000 a month. They could never get a job which would pay this amount. Most African’s are economic migrants who come here because they can’t get a free house and welfare back home. We grant them asylum even though they have passed through safe lands.

A third of Liverpool are claiming incapacity benefits surely this is an outrage if incapacity didn’t pay more than JSA and everybody had to sign on then these freeloaders would be found out.

We allow Romanians to break into people homes and change the locks and claim Squatters rights. Squatting is not a criminal offense just a civil matter – clearly this is wrong when they have committed trespass and commit anti-social acts.

We pay those who work and pay taxes only their mortgage interest after 13 weeks of unemployment putting them into debt when they lose their jobs.

We  have a welfare system that encourages lone parenting and large families because you get a bigger free social house and more in child benefits for having a big brood.