Death of pc Blakelock

The death of PC Keith Blakelock, an officer with the London Metropolitan Police, occurred on 6 October 1985 during rioting on the Broadwater Farm housing estate in Tottenham, north London. The violence broke out after a black woman died of heart failure during a police search of her home, and took place against a backdrop of unrest in several English cities and a breakdown of the relationship between the police and local black communities.[1]

Blakelock, who had joined the police five years earlier, had been assigned on the night of his death to a unit of 10 constables and a sergeant, known as Serial 502, who were dispatched to protect firefighters. When the officers were forced back by rioters, Blakelock stumbled and fell, and was surrounded by a mob of around 50 people. He received over 40 stabbing and cutting injuries, inflicted by machetes or similar, and the penetration of a six-inch-long knife into his neck.[1] He was the only police constable to have been killed in a riot in Britain since Robert Culley was stabbed to death in Clerkenwell, central London, in 1833.[2]

No-one yet has been convicted of his murder. The Black community has closed shop and no one is coming forward with evidence.


English riots

The summer riots prove again that disability benefit is one of the biggest scams going. Hundreds of arrested thugs were disability or incapacity claimants. But not so incapacitated to hurl trolleys through windows. A third of all rioters were on benefits and many of the thugs had been kicked out of school. In some cities, the number of black rioters was disproportionately high. Clearly it is too easy to get disability benefits. Too many schools are lawless.

London Riots: Photos of before and after (via Motley News)

London Riots: Photos of before and after Various pictures showing buildings and business before and after the riots started. (Below) London Riots Carpet Right store in Tottenham's main shopping area before, during, and after. (Below) London Riots Paradise Gems retailer on High St in Tottenham before and after. (Below) London Riots Pawn Shop on Oakfield Rd in Croydon before and after. (Below) London Riots Reeves Furniture store in Croydon before and after. (Below) London Riots Royal Mans … Read More

via Motley News

English riots and 3rd world immigration

The British people cannot avoid the simple truth that without hordes of people from different races living in Britain due to mass immigration, there would never have been any race riots.

However, to fairly address the real reasons for the riots, we must not criticize the people from different races who have naturally brought their violent cultures to Britain but rather place the blame on those responsible for mass immigration and truthfully examine their reasons for pursuing this destructive policy.

While we are rightfully angry that such violent and lawless people have been allowed to colonise our once peaceful country, turning it into a copy of the lands that they left, it is not these violent colonisers or their children who are to blame.

If you put a fox in a chicken coop, you really can’t blame the fox for behaving like a fox and killing all of the chickens. The blame lies with the person who put the fox in there.

With the Liberal elite naively expressing shock and horror at the violent collapse of what they were convinced was a peaceful and civilised multicultural and multiracial country, and the liberal media grasping at reasons to justify these riots, they try to persuade the British people that they don’t know why these riots happened, when it is obvious that intelligent and educated people would know exactly what has caused them – causes that made these riots inevitable.

The British National Party, which has consistently argued against mass immigration, using legitimate, logical, fair and honest reasons and has accurately predicted the eventual destructive outcome of the mass immigration policies of the Lib/Lab/Con parties, being demonised as ‘racist’ for doing so, can now be equally honest and fair in exposing just why these riots were inevitable.

Asserting that the race riots were caused by mass immigration, however true, does not provide the root causes of the riots – causes which the Lib/Lab/Cons who have been in government since the start of mass immigration to this country and are wholly responsible for it are well aware.

They are well aware that these riots were inevitable due simply to the very reasons why they instituted their policies of mass immigration from the Third World and – despite the riots, opposition of the indigenous people, overcrowding of our country, overburdening of our infrastructure, appalling social costs, equally appalling unemployment figures and the eventual destruction of the British people and their culture – continue to implement these policies today.

With ever-spiralling unemployment among the people who live in Britain today, the Lib/Lab/Cons are still allowing approximately 250,000 (1/4 million) immigrants into Britain each and every year, with the planned-for result that many of these new immigrants will take the low-paid jobs that increasingly are the only ones available in our country – due entirely to the economic catastrophe inflicted on us by these same Lib/Lab/Con politicians.

Knowing that these low-paid jobs do not provide a living wage in expensive Britain and knowing that they cannot compete with state benefits so that British-born workers of whatever race will not take them, the simple answer for the Lib/Lab/Cons has been to flood Britain with ‘cheap’ Third World labour to fill the jobs.

The Riots in England

Anyone living in England and not blind could have predicted that these riots and looting would happen. We have allowed so called Asylum seekers to settle in England just because they come from a Country where a conflict is going on. We let these immigrants live in luxury £1 million pound houses in London and pay their rents of over £8000 a month on welfare – When I am unemployed all I get is my mortgage interest paid £80 a month and I have worked and paid taxes. Most of these immigrants come from Africa .The young British black youth and also white chavs on the council estates in London have no hope of finding work as immigrants work for less because they send money home where it buys much more. The Chavs and British Black chavs have a love of Gangsta Rap and it’s morals – live of welfare, steal, sell drugs, don’t respect women just get them pregnant and leave them etc – this has led to feral youths controlling the council estates. The Gangs use children to deliver drugs on their bikes and even if the kids are caught in the act they won’t get a sentence.

When the riots broke out these Gang members so the perfect opportunity to rob from the shops in their neighbourhoods. Most can’t afford cars and Oxford street has too many CCTV.

We should have had in place methods to deal with rioting – using water Canon with coloured dye would be an option and also more Police Dogs let them chase the looters.