Why do we give aid to Pakistan?

HAILED as a hero in one country, jailed as a traitor in another, Shakeel Afridi has begun a 33-year sentence in one of Pakistan’s most notorious prisons.His crime? Helping the US to ­locate the Pakistan hideout of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden.

Convicted of treason in a tribal court without judge or jury, Dr Afridi’s horrific fate is a shocking demonstration of how far Islamabad has turned its back on the West in the war on terror.

Outraged by this monstrous miscarriage of justice, the US has part-suspended aid to Pakistan. Britain, far from following suit, has actually doubled its donation to £350million annually.

By 2015 British taxpayers will have ­donated more than £1.4billion to ­Pakistan, making it the biggest single ­recipient of David Cameron’s generosity. The Department for International Development insists this money is being used to educate women, improve children’s health, strengthen democracy and create jobs.

Former cricketer and leading Pakistan opposition politician Imran Khan, on the other hand, says much of the aid will be ­siphoned off by corrupt officials.

If anyone needs proof of how murky the moral waters of Britain’s overseas aid ­programme have grown, look no further than Pakistan.

While British soldiers fight and die at the hands of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, ­Pakistan allows these jihadist operatives to move with impunity over the border. Nato’s top commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, has branded Pakistan a threat in our war on terror.

While Britain’s aid is linked to reforms in Islamabad and beyond, the “strings ­attached” are elastic enough to allow for the harbouring of Britain’s enemies.

Nor do the strings snap in the face of horrendous human rights abuses against Pakistan’s minority Christian population.Churches have been fire bombed, homes ransacked and the Asian Human Rights Commission says it is “common practice” in Pakistan for men to abduct girls from Christian families and gang-rape them.


Eurovision song contest.

I don’t know why the UK enters the Eurovision song contest. It has become too political with former Russian countries voting for each other and Greek countries voting for each other. A lot of countries seem to hate the UK why I don’t know. We should save the money it costs us to enter and boycott the competition until poilitical voting is stopped.

The right to a family life

Many illegal immigrants in the UK are escaping deportation by quoting their right to a family life. The law should be simple if you want to have a relationship with an illegal immigrant then you should move to his country. The law should de-port all illegal migrants without hesitation. We need the same Immigration system as Australia where only those who have a job can come here. We should stop giving asylum to people who have travelled through safe lands they are just economic migrants. I don’t blame them for wanting a better life but I do blame the politicians who let them in to the UK in such big numbers.

I believe we should stop all Foreign Aid and then only give help to those countries who are in the British commonwealth and we should then trade with these countries more.

Renewable gas a better alternative to wind farms

Renewable natural gas, also known as sustainable natural gas, is a biogas which has been upgraded to a quality similar to fossil natural gas. A biogas is a gas methane obtained from biomass. By upgrading the quality to that of natural gas, it becomes possible to distribute the gas to customers via the existing gas grid, within existing appliances. Renewable natural gas is a subset of synthetic natural gas or substitute natural gas (SNG.

Renewable natural gas can be produced economically, and distributed via the existing gas grid, making it an attractive means of supplying existing premises with renewable heat and renewable gas energy, while requiring no extra capital outlay of the customer.

The existing gas network allows distribution of gas energy over vast distances at a minimal cost in energy. Existing networks would allow biogas to be sourced from remote markets that are rich in low-cost biomass (Russia or Scandinavia for example).

The UK National Grid believes that at least 15% of all gas consumed could be made from sewage slurry, old sandwiches and other food thrown away by supermarkets, as well as organic waste created by businesses such as breweries[1].

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The People’s Pledge

The People’s Pledge has finally broken through and our first campaign in Thurrock is what made the difference. Now the national media are starting to take us seriously. Just this week we have been featured on page 2 of the Telegraph, a paper that normally ignores the In/Out referendum issue, and yesterday our Director, Ian McKenzie, was on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme.

Thurrock triumph.
In Thurrock in April we achieved a stunning success with a turnout of over 30% of people who voted by nine to one in favour of a referendum. In the local councils elections a month later the turnout was only 24%. In Aveley ward where our biggest vote was recorded, the Conservatives lost the seat to UKIP yet the Leader of the Council, John Kent, came out for the People’s Pledge the weekend before his polling day and the Council went Labour.

Three-up in Greater Manchester
We have now hugely escalated the campaign and are doing three constituencies all at once in Manchester Withington, Cheadle and Hazel Grove. Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley & Broughton, and David Nuttall, Conservative MP for Bury North will launch the local campaign at the campaign’s local headquarters in Cheadle on Monday. We would like you to come along. If you are unable to attend and would like to find out more or help the campaign, please contact chris@peoplespledge.orgor ring 07723540114.

The venue address
Date:     Monday 21 May 2012
Time:    10:00am
Venue:  15B Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, SK8 1BR

The task for this triple campaign is highly ambitious in effort and financial terms. We need help with both. If you are within travelling distance of Cheadle and can help out delivering, canvassing or working in the office please get in contact at chris@peoplespledge.org