I know several people who have never worked yet they have got free council flats and get their rents of over £500 a month paid and their repairs done for free by the council. I have worked and paid taxes all my life yet all I get is £56 towards my mortgage interest. My family have been helping me out with money to pay my mortgage each month.

I now face the prospect of selling my flat to pay off my debts and move into private rented property. The DHSS allow you to have only £6,000 in the bank you can have up to £16,000 but you lose £1 for every £250 off your personnel allowance up to the £16,000 maximum. The system is encouraging people to spend money on unwanted cars etc just to get their bank balances below £16,000. Seems stupid to me when most cars are foreign made. In the long run once I move into rented accommodation it will cost the DHSS more and make it much harder for me to find a job that pays the rent and leaves money to survive on.


The perverse Housing benefit system in the UK.

Many Councils in the UK give free social housing to the unemployed these people often remain unemployed for several years getting their full rents paid by Housing Benefit. Money is simply being moved from one Council account to another with the Government paying so much towards Housing benefit.

Rich landlords can fill up their extra homes with the unemployed and get their mortgages paid off by the rent money they receive via Housing Benefit from the councils. Yet those people who work and have a mortgage only get their mortgage interest paid in times of need when made redundant.

Our Councils especially in London have also homes asylum seekers in very expensive homes knowing full well they are not able to get a job that would pay the rent.

The system seems to help the very rich and the freeloaders but not those who have worked and paid taxes. The reality is those who work and pay for a mortgage are also paying taxes for freeloaders to live off the state for free.

Unemployment can only get worse.

The top 1 percent of the population own 99 percent of a country’s wealth. They own Multi-Nationals. They would prefer to employ as few people as possible and automate the production process. The only people needed in the future will be the software designers and the machine operators. Wages will fall as the demand for the few jobs increases. So what can the poor do? They need to become more self sufficient by growing their own vegatables, use their cars less. The media will keep on trying people to buy stuff they don’t really need – if you can’t afford it then don’t buy it.

The welfare trap

Somebody who is unemployed and living in a council flat gets their full rent paid (equivalent to one days work). They get their council tax paid (equivalent to one days work). They get JSA, free detist and free prescriptions (equivalent to two days work). So they are not daft enough to go out and work 5 days when they will only be about £10 a day better off. This amount will be less if they have children.

Unmeployment demographics

By Stephen Palmer – ‘Immigrants bring benefits,’ ‘They do the jobs we don’t want to do,’ you’ve heard all the lefty howlings about immigration helping our economy ad nauseam, but like everything else spouted by liberals, they’re just more blatant lies.

Here are the facts, as provided by the ONS: the unemployment rates for ethnic groups in the UK in the 16–24 age category in the fourth quarter of 2011: White (20.8%), Mixed (22.4%), Asian (26.7%), Black (47.4%).

The gender-specific results are even more startling. The unemployment rate of black men aged 16–24 is 55.9%, much more than double the white equivalent of 23.9%.

That figure has risen sharply from 2008, when the rate of young black male unemployment was at 28.8%.

Now, only 24.2% of young black males are employed. Over both genders the rates are Blacks (28%), Asians (37%), Mixed Race (45.6%), and Whites (53.3%).

The remaining percentages are either students or classed as ‘not available for work’.

English riots and 3rd world immigration

The British people cannot avoid the simple truth that without hordes of people from different races living in Britain due to mass immigration, there would never have been any race riots.

However, to fairly address the real reasons for the riots, we must not criticize the people from different races who have naturally brought their violent cultures to Britain but rather place the blame on those responsible for mass immigration and truthfully examine their reasons for pursuing this destructive policy.

While we are rightfully angry that such violent and lawless people have been allowed to colonise our once peaceful country, turning it into a copy of the lands that they left, it is not these violent colonisers or their children who are to blame.

If you put a fox in a chicken coop, you really can’t blame the fox for behaving like a fox and killing all of the chickens. The blame lies with the person who put the fox in there.

With the Liberal elite naively expressing shock and horror at the violent collapse of what they were convinced was a peaceful and civilised multicultural and multiracial country, and the liberal media grasping at reasons to justify these riots, they try to persuade the British people that they don’t know why these riots happened, when it is obvious that intelligent and educated people would know exactly what has caused them – causes that made these riots inevitable.

The British National Party, which has consistently argued against mass immigration, using legitimate, logical, fair and honest reasons and has accurately predicted the eventual destructive outcome of the mass immigration policies of the Lib/Lab/Con parties, being demonised as ‘racist’ for doing so, can now be equally honest and fair in exposing just why these riots were inevitable.

Asserting that the race riots were caused by mass immigration, however true, does not provide the root causes of the riots – causes which the Lib/Lab/Cons who have been in government since the start of mass immigration to this country and are wholly responsible for it are well aware.

They are well aware that these riots were inevitable due simply to the very reasons why they instituted their policies of mass immigration from the Third World and – despite the riots, opposition of the indigenous people, overcrowding of our country, overburdening of our infrastructure, appalling social costs, equally appalling unemployment figures and the eventual destruction of the British people and their culture – continue to implement these policies today.

With ever-spiralling unemployment among the people who live in Britain today, the Lib/Lab/Cons are still allowing approximately 250,000 (1/4 million) immigrants into Britain each and every year, with the planned-for result that many of these new immigrants will take the low-paid jobs that increasingly are the only ones available in our country – due entirely to the economic catastrophe inflicted on us by these same Lib/Lab/Con politicians.

Knowing that these low-paid jobs do not provide a living wage in expensive Britain and knowing that they cannot compete with state benefits so that British-born workers of whatever race will not take them, the simple answer for the Lib/Lab/Cons has been to flood Britain with ‘cheap’ Third World labour to fill the jobs.

Asylum , unemployment and welfare

I work and earn a £1000 per month. I have to pay my mortgage, service charges, council tax and utility bills from this money.
Yet a Somali Asylum seeker gets his rent of £8,000 a month paid plus he will be getting child benefits for his large brood. Did he really live in a 6 bedroom house in Somalia? Our system encourages economic migrants. The welfare system gives no help towards people like myself. Is it a wonder some English people are rioting?
Too many people in the UK get everything for free. They get a free council house, pay no rent nor council tax. They get welfare and free prescriptions and free dentist and free NHS. They also get free school meals. No wonder they think they can take what they want from a shop without paying for it.
Modern Production methods require a lot less workers as machines now do more of the work. Yet the Labour party had an open-door immigration policy attracting millions of immigrants to settle in London – they have no loyalty to our country. Many so called Asylum Seekers are just economic migrants that head here because they can’t get so good welfare back home if any at all. Our Social housing points system has favoured none working single mums and large familes resulting in feral yobs on sink estates. With little job prospects and no hope of affording to go to University we now see the rot caused by creating a Multi-Cultural London and Birmingham. These yobs know that the prisons are full so they can commit crime without punishment