Human Rights culture in the UK.

Taxpayers are handing nearly £500,000 a week in legal aid to prisoners to help them make human rights claims.

In four years, convicts have been given more than £93million to help them demand early release from jail, compensation or softer treatment behind bars.

The bill has spiralled from £1million a year before the Human Rights Act came into force to more than £25million in 2010.

Since then prisoners addicted to heroin have used legal aid to win thousands in compensation for being forced to go ‘cold turkey’ when locked up.

In another notorious case, a rapist was given legal aid to claim his rights were breached by having to ‘slop out’ because there was no lavatory in his cell.

And in May 2011 burglar Wayne Bishop was released from jail after the Court of Appeal ruled that locking him up breached his family’s human rights.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has ordered a review of legal aid payouts over the damaging ‘compensation culture’ gripping jails.

‘It’s important that prisoners, like everyone else, have access to justice, but this must not be abused. Taxpayers are sick to death of paying for frivolous legal actions by inmates who do it simply because someone else is paying.’

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show £93,482,475 has been spent on legal aid for prisoners in the four years since 2008. That is the equivalent of £449,435 a week.

It was £19.7million in 2008, but rose to £24.2million in 2009. It peaked in the last year of the Labour government at £25.7million in 2010 and fell back to £23.6million last year.

The total excludes criminal legal aid and is for internal prison matters only – cases brought by burglars, rapists and other convicts while they are behind bars.


Council Flats.

Two of my friends obtained free council flats by saying they were homeless. The simple truth is they could have moved into a bedsit but choose to play the system by moving into a hostel and their posessions stored at somebody’s home. Girls get pregnant on purpose to get free flats. One of these block of flats contains mainly people who don’t work yet they get full rents paid by housing benefit. Yet the council can give the block of flats a brand new facelift – they are not getting in rent from anybody. This money comes from the taxpayers and then the Government gives money to the councils. Then the Housing Benefit part of the council pays the rent to another part of the council. We need to stop the freeloading culture by making people who are unemployed and in rented accommodation contribute something towards their rents. Also council house points system should be changed to put working people first.

The EU law Right to a family life.

A judge ruled that an illegal immigrant who had started a relationship with a UK women and had a cat had the right to stay in the UK because this indicated a family life which is protected by the EU ruling – Right to a family life. In my opinion the illegal immigrant, his girl friend and cat should all be deported back to his country of origin.

The judges are also giving prisoners some murderers free IVF treatment under the EU law -Right to a family life. Prisoners should have no rights and should not get TV, X boxes or meals better than you get in hospital.

Alfred Kryemadhi was found guilty of wounding a man in what a judge described as a “fearsome, brutal” attack and was successfully returned to his home country of Kosovo by immigration officers.

But just a month later he slipped back into Britain and reunited himself with his wife. She subsequently obtained British citizenship for herself and her children by telling officials that she had separated from her husband – a claim now found by a judge to have been a “fundamental untruth”.

Yet Kryemadhi went on to launch legal action to stay in the UK on the basis of his children’s citizenship.

Now a senior immigration judge has ruled that his right to a “family life”, enshrined in British law, trumps the Home Secretary’s desire to deport him again, which the judge said was “disproportionate”.

It is believed to be the first time judges have allowed a foreign offender who had previously been deported to stay in the country despite re-entering illegally.

Money leaving the UK.

A few Indian Visa workers I have spoken to in the UK say that their money is paid into bank accounts in India where they get ten percent interest. The Government needs to close this loophole so that all workers must be paid into a UK bank account. This would have two advantages more money to help the UK grow and help stop welfare fraud. Another loophole is foreigners can have big homes back in Poland etc and lots of money in their bank accounts which they don’t declare and get UK welfare.

The UK and our open-door immigration policy

An immigrant is arriving in the UK every second. Half the population of Londonistan were born overseas. I have seen a copy of the Home Office Joint Tennancy agreement so it is no wonder so many come here and claim asylum when they get so much. Yet the International Law states that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. Why have we allowed so many Somali’s etc who have travelled all the way up Africa and across Europe to live here? We are allowing in so many people on a Visa when we really should be training our own people to do the jobs that are needed instead or robbing other countries of Doctors etc.

Immigration is ruining our country – we are full up, our roads and schools are hardly coping with the strain. We also allow health tourists to use our NHS for free without proper checks.

I am also annoyed that so many people in rented accomodation who are unemployed get their full rents paid by Housing Benefit. I think welfare should be changed so that they are expected to contribute something towards their rents out of the JSA they get. I know too many people mainly English who just sit on the dole in free council housing and never work.
Even Abu Qatada gets to live in a free half a million pound home.

Yet people like myself who have worked only get my mortgage interest paid in times of unemployment. My mortage company is expecting me to pay the rest of my mortgage out of my JSA. This is almost impossible to do.

I have found work as a xmas casual at Royal Mail for a couple of weeks but when I catch the bus to Swan Valley, I must be one of the only English people on the bus. The bus is full of mainly Poles, Asians and Africans.

Immigration into UK

A HUGE surge in migration has caused the number of foreigners living in the UK to almost double to 7.5 million in just 10 years.

The massive leap revealed in the latest Census means that 13 per cent – around one in eight – of the population in England and Wales were born overseas, up from 4.6 million in 2001.

In London the figures are even more dramatic – with white Britons in the minority for the first time.

Only 45 per cent of the city’s 8.2 million population classed itself as white British on the 2011 Census forms compared with 58 per cent a decade ago. One in three London residents is a foreigner and one in four is not a British citizen.

Other data which shows the effect of Labour’s years of open-door migration policies include the statistic that nearly three million people live in households where no adults speak English as their main language.

The total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, a seven per cent increase on 2001 – and 55 per cent of the increase was due

to migration. In other key results, the number of Christians fell 4.1 million to 33.2 million while the number of Muslims went up almost 2 per cent to 4.8 per cent of the population.

And the top countries of birth outside Britain were India, Pakistan – and Poland.

Critics of immigration claim that the Census data confirms that Labour’s wilful destruction of border controls has changed the face of Britain.

And they warn that the current Coalition is still not doing enough to stem the tide and protect public services from being overstretched as schools, housing and hospitals come under pressure from increasing numbers of immigrants.