The Labour party experiment.

OBSESSED with the ideology of diversity, our political masters have not only allowed the immigration rate to reach more than 500,000 arrivals every single year, but also have refused to demand that newcomers accept the British way of life.

Instead immigrants have been encouraged to cling to their own cultures and customs.

During their 13 years of misrule, Labour was particularly enthusiastic about enforcing this destructive strategy, partly through their instinctive loathing for their own country, which they liked to portray as outdated and racist, and partly through their desire to expand their client army of supporters, given that 80 per cent of immigrants vote Labour.

What is so tragic is that a party of the Left, trumpeting its supposedly liberal credentials, should have pursued a policy that is so fundamentally illiberal. Labour’s fixation with identity politics and mass immigration had led to the import of deeply reactionary, anti-democratic, superstitious tribalism on an epic scale.

There is nothing liberal about what is now happening in many of our inner cities. Tower Hamlets in east London, where white Britons make up just 30 per cent of the population, has seen patrols by Muslim vigilantes who have attacked women for dressing “inappropriately” and put up stickers declaring the area “a gay free zone”.

The same spirit of misogyny can be also be seen in the growing number of sharia courts, which treat women as second-class citizens, and in the gangs of Muslim men in such places as Oxford, Telford and Derby, preying on young white girls. The same collapse of liberal values can be seen in the urban breakdown of democracy.

Fraud perpetrated by ethnic minority “community leaders” and politicians is now rife, helped by lax rules on postal voting introduced by Labour.

At the same time political correctness has fuelled the thuggish far-Right as seen last weekend in the English Defence League marches in Newcastle and London.

Freedom of speech is also in danger, thanks to the constant threat of violence from Islamic extremists at anything they regard as blasphemous.

In this disturbing climate of fear, where publishers can be firebombed and writers subjected to fatwas, self-censorship about Islam is almost universal.

It is the same story with the principle of equality before the law. In the cowardly world of political correctness, double standards are rife. Christians are regularly subjected to institutionalised bullying over the symbols of their belief, yet the state bends over backwards to accommodate other faiths.

Similarly, the state does nothing to stop Muslim extremists such as Anjem Choudary spouting often violent slogans but would not dream of tolerating such hate speech in others.

The destruction of liberalism also works on a deeper level.

Precisely because the multicultural experiment is failing so disastrously, the machinery of the state is now used to enforce the official orthodoxy and suppress dissent.


The Labour party complicit in treason.

When Margeret Thatcher came to power the Labour party realized they had lost their traditional white working class voters. So when Tony Blair was voted into power – Labour started a plan to stay in power. This plan was to open the floodgates to immigrants from the third world. They let in Murderers, rapists, war criminals they didn’t care as long as the demographics of the inner cities would be changed. They knew poor immigrants would be more likely to vote Labour especially after the Labour councils looked after them so well with free social housing and welfare far much more than they had back in their home lands. Labour encouraged thousands of Muslims to migrate to the UK and never insisted on Visas.

International law requires refugees to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter not travel half way round the world having destroyed their documents. We even had children being put on planes coming to the UK. Between the years 1066 and 1950 England had less than 1 million immigrants. In the years Labour was in power we were getting over 500,000 immigrants a year. This has increased gang crimes and drug dealing, Muslim grooming etc.

Tony Blair should be tried for treason. Even now the Conservatives won’t remove the illegal immigrants and the immigrants often cite Human Rights Laws – the right to a family life. Some have flown into the UK to have babies but refuse to go home or pay for the treatment they have received.

Anybody who votes Labour has only themselves to blame – soon the Muslims will out number the English and then civil war will break out.

Don’t trust the Tories.

The Conservatives are to publish a draft parliamentary bill for an in-out referendum on the UK’s European Union membership, in an effort to head off growing anger among the party’s MPs.

Many Tory backbenchers are unhappy that no such proposal was included in the Queen’s Speech and will try to amend it during a debate on Wednesday.

But David Cameron says he will instead speed up his plans to bring in a bill.

The Conservatives promise a referendum in 2017 if they win the next election.

Most Tories, Labour and Lib dumbs M.P’S want the UK to stay in the EU.

We don’t need a referendum we need out.

Only the BNP won’t have a referendum they simply will exit the EU.

Why have people voted UKIP?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hailed early gains in council elections across England as “remarkable” for the party.

UKIP has won 74 seats so far and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing.

Mr Farage said it put his party in a “very strong position” in the run-up to the next general election.

The Conservatives have lost control of three councils, but retained five, while Labour made modest gains in the Midlands and the south of England.

Contests are taking place in 27 English county councils and seven unitary authorities, as well as in Anglesey. About 2,300 council seats are up for grabs in England, in a major mid-term test for the coalition government.

Compared with 2009, when these seats were last fought, the Conservative share of the vote is down by 9% and the Lib Dems are down by 12%. The Labour share is up by 7%, but it is still five points lower than it was in 2005. UKIP has seen the biggest boost, with its vote share up by 13%.

Most people don’t believe the Government will give them a referendum on leaving the EU. All those under 50 years of age have never had a say on Europe even though the EU has changed beyond all recognition. Human rights laws stop us sending criminals back home and deporting terrorists. Immigration has lead to English people being an ethnic minority in cities like London and Leicester. Immigration has lowered the average wage a worker can now get making it very hard for those of us with mortgages to find a job that pays the bills. Foreigners can work for less because when they return home their money can buy them a lot more in their home countries. They even get child benefit for children back in Poland etc and proper checks are not being done. I know of a Polish women who has two homes in Poland and lots of money in the bank yet still gets UK welfare.

Immigration has caused overcrowded schools, a rise in crime, English children being held back at school due to immigrants children not speaking English. Immigration means more farm land has to be concreted over for housing – soon we won’t be self sufficient in food. Concreting over the land causing the rain to run off and gives rise to flooding. England is simply over populated for the size of the country. Refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country yet they pass through safe lands to get to the UK because of our welfare system. Foreigners also use our NHS like an International Health Service. We need to return all these economic migrants back to their home lands. England used to have an empire now we are the slaves of a federal EU. Asylum seekers get fully furnished homes, free TV license, free phone calls and winter fuel allowance. It is no wonder they head to the UK when they probably come from some village that washes, shits and drinks from the same river. They must see the UK as an Elderado – I don’t blame immigrants for coming here just the politicians who let this rabble into our country. Politicians only meet educated ethnic people they don’t have to live next door to Africans who smoke pot, dump rubbish loose in the refuge sheds and not in black bags etc.

The reason for mass immigration . Labour got more Labour voters.

As the floodgates opened to new arrivals the very fabric of our country was transformed. Vast swathes of urban Britain became like a foreign land. Social cohesion collapsed. British workers were thrown on the economic scrapheap. No occupying foreign invader could have done more damage to Britain than the treacherous, unpatriotic governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. There is now growing public fury and despair over what has happened to our once well-ordered nation.

Opinion polls show that immigration has become the most important issue for the electorate, while the dramatic rise of the UK Independence Party has been partly fuelled by anger over the unceasing influx.

In a cynical bid to capitalise on this public backlash Labour leader Ed Miliband now pretends that his party has adopted a new approach to immigration. The old days of supporting open borders have gone, he promises. In comes a supposedly tougher strategy that puts the interests of the British people first. It would be hard to conceive of a more shameless exercise in political deceit than this last farrago of drivel from Miliband. Labour has not changed from the dark days of Brown and Blair.

An ideological attachment to mass immigration and multi-culturalism is written into the party’s DNA. What Miliband is really trying to do is not proclaim a new policy but to mislead the public. A ll his traits of hypocrisy, duplicity and opportunism were on full display in his party political broadcast last night. He said with phoney candour that Labour “got it wrong on immigration”.

What a grotesque understatement.

In truth Labour almost wrecked our nation with their aggressive social revolution, in which the rate of immigration was deliberately cranked up to almost 600,000 new arrivals every year.

Our democracy has been subverted by tribalism at the ballot box, our justice system by sharia law. Vicious misogyny is rampant, reflected in the appalling incidence of honour killings and forced marriages. Incredibly the Home Office estimates that 24,000 girls in this country are at risk every year from the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. Miliband’s blatherings last night would have been laughable were they not so offensive. He proclaimed in his broadcast that it is “not prejudiced” to worry about immigration yet Labour always painted critics of its open-door policy as xenophobes and racists.

The era of mass immigration has led to an almost permanent economic crisis and falling living standards, not least because of the intolerable strain on our public infrastructure and the welfare state.

Indeed Miliband blithely ignored the reality that our lax benefits system has acted as a magnet for huge numbers of immigrants, especially in terms of housing and child allowances. What is remarkable is that Labour was founded at the beginning of the last century to represent the British working class.

But Miliband’s party has spectacularly betrayed the very people it is meant to support. Miliband was Gordon Brown’s key ally yet the economic model they devised was expensive lunacy: importing millions of people, most of them from Asia and Africa, to provide cheap labour while keeping five million Britons of working-age on the dole. It might have been economic insanity but Labour had their own narrow political reason for pushing ahead with mass immigration.

The fact is that 80 per cent of migrants vote Labour so the party hugely expanded its client base by demolishing our borders. In addition there was the ideological impulse. Contemptuous of Britain’s heritage, riddled with guilt about our past, filled with Marxist notions about victimhood and discrimination they were determined to refashion our society along the lines of their ideology. So the twin forces of mass immigration and multi-culturalism were used as weapons to create “a new social order” to quote the chilling words of Labour’s Deputy

Migration time bomb – how will we cope when they get old?

The number of people living in England and Wales has soared by around four million in only ten years, according to the latest count released yesterday.

The increase, driven by large-scale immigration, pushed up the population at its fastest rate during the past 100 years.

 Large-scale immigration: The number of people living in England and Wales has soared by around four million in only ten years – the fastest rate during the past 100 years

The scale of the population boom that has followed Labour’s decision to ease curbs on immigration after 1997 was revealed by the Office for National Statistics in new estimates for England and Wales in the middle of last year.

The figures showed the population rose by 3.8million, or 7.3 per cent, from 52.4million in 2001 to 56,170,900 last year. And in three months last year – between the day of the 2011 national census at the end of March and the end of June – the population went up by 95,000, the equivalent of a city the size of Worcester.

Message from the British Freedom Party

Politics: the Way to Defeat Islamisation of Britain

All over Britain there are people just like you and me complaining about Islam and what it is doing to our local communities, children and laws. People don’t like the fact that mosques are being built in their streets, clogging up the local roads creating a sense of nervousness over doing the wrong thing.

People are complaining that as a result of Islamic beliefs women and homosexual are being abused on the streets of Britain.

People are complaining about Muslims who are plotting and have blown up our buses and trains.

People are moaning about the rising number of cases where Muslim men have targeted young girls to be groomed, plied with drink and drugs and then raped simply for not being of the Islamic faith.


Complaining won’t solve the problem. Joining a Facebook group certainly won’t solve the problem. And voting for the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat or UKIP parties like millions of mugs do certainly will not solve the problem.

Going on a demonstration/ march may raise awareness of the problem, but once that is over it will all keep continuing, as demos and marching WON’T solve the problem either, because what’s the point of raising awareness if you do BUGGER ALL to follow it up?

Getting a wake-up call yet? You should be.

If you don’t wake up it could be your daughter being raped next week; it could be your son being beaten to death by extremists for being gay and when that happens what will you do about it? Join a Facebook group? Vote Labour AGAIN? So it happens to your neighbour next time?

What should I do, do we hear you ask?

The answer is very simple: GET POLITICAL. Join British Freedom NOW and help engage your community in these problems. Help instigate change in your local councils, help us get MPs elected so we can MAKE the laws.

By joining our POLITICAL fightback you are giving yourself and thousands more like you the REAL weapon to defeat and reverse the Islamification of Britain. By getting political we can remove those who aid and abet the Muslim extremists in the UK; we can get our own PATRIOTS in power making the rules and changing the system to ensure that our people are protected and safe.

By getting political and JOINING British Freedom you and others like you can get elected to your local council and vote AGAINST planning applications for new mosques. You can force your local police to ACT against radical Islamists who attack and rape children. You can force them to act AGAINST hate preachers who poison young minds against our country and all that it stands for.

What you waiting for?

You don’t have to stop going on demos and marches — they serve an important purpose of raising awareness of the problems. But we need to follow up on them and that is where the POLITICAL side comes into play, which is the most important aspect of our STRUGGLE.

Join British Freedom today and get the fight-back started in YOUR local town. Once those demos are over you can go home and know you are making a real difference in your own town and not just in someone else’s.

Do you find you can’t afford to go to demos all over the country? Then British Freedom is PERFECT for you as we give you the ability to make a difference in YOUR community and YOUR town. This helps our struggle get LOCALISED and making a difference in EVERY town and city all over the country.

So JOIN US NOW to kick out the traitorous politicians and get real patriots elected.

Join people like Paul Weston, Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson), Kevin Carroll and the many other members who have realised that politics is the next, essential step to VICTORY.

Kevin Carroll has realised this, which is why he is standing for election as Police Commissioner for Bedfordshire. This is an opportunity for him to bring about REAL change in the way policing works in HIS community — no more political correctness and pandering to Islamic extremists.

You can of course close this page now, forget you read this and decide instead to post some angry comments on Facebook, or a picture attacking Islam. And it might make you feel like a big rebel. But if you do that you might as well go and hand your daughter to the Islamic grooming gangs yourself. You might as well go put a burqa on or grow a beard and bend over in your local mosque. Because by not getting political you are FAILING and SURRENDERING.

Those of us who choose the political path say NO SURRENDER. We will NEVER surrender our freedoms and democracy.

Join British Freedom Now!

Printable membership form can be found by clicking HERE!