One way to make Britain better

One way to make Britain better

Don’t just sit back and let others defend our country from politically correct fanatics and Islamic Extremists.

If you aren’t already a member of the British National Party take the bold step of joining today!

As members of the BNP, we take the utmost pride in standing together to defend and uphold the great British values which our ancestors fought and died for – those very same values which today the corrupt political class in Westminster is relentlessly seeking to undermine and destroy.

We in the BNP campaign to make our country better: 

•A Britain where the British people are put first every time

•A Britain which is fair; where regular British people don’t have to struggle to pay bills and live in fear of losing their jobs while the corrupt political class gets even fatter by fiddling expenses

•A Britain which our war heroes and veterans can finally be proud of

•A Britain which is free to govern itself without being dictated to by EU bureaucrats in Brussels

•A Britain where our young people receive a quality education, are given opportunities for apprenticeships and can aspire to a secure and decent job

•A Britain which stops throwing £Billions of taxpayers’ money away in foreign aid, and provides for our pensioners to ensure they can eat and stay warm in winter

•A Britain that puts British Workers first every time instead of shipping jobs abroad to cheap labour economies

What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today?

They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent.

They did not fight, nor lay down their lives for multiculturalism, political correctness, or to see our country flooded with foreigners and to have their descendants reduced to second-class citizens in their own homeland.

The British National Party is a modern, patriotic, democratic alternative to the old political parties that have wrecked our once great country.

It’s up to you and me – the BNP – to make it better.

With membership costing a little as £2.50 a month, there’s every reason to join.

As a paid up member you will receive:

•An official exclusive BNP membership card

• Our monthly British Nationalist bulletin sent direct to your front door

•The chance to meet and socialise with members in your area – a great way to develop your social life and meet new like minded friends

•The opportunity and support in representing local people and standing for election in your area

•Invitations to the BNP annual events and functions such as our Summer Training School and National Conference to involve you in discussing the way forward

So what are you waiting for?

Do your bit for your country and join the BNP today.

If you are already a member, please check your expiry date to ensure your membership is still valid. 

Our calls team do all they can to remind you of outdated membership, but you can help by checking it yourself and renewing when the time is right.

You can also renew online right now here. 


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