Nicks on a mission.

If you follow @nickgriffinmep on twitter, you will of course now know that he is in Syria on a fact finding mission.

Due to security issues, the news of his trip to Syria had to be a closely guarded secret until he arrived there.

Cameron & Hague plan to send UK money & weapons to Syrian rebels dominated by Islamist jihadis like the killers of Lee Rigby. This is just more madness from the people who dragged us into the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are scores, if not hundreds, of British-born jihadis currently learning how to murder non-Sunni civilians and behead captured soldiers in Syria.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of Assad’s army, all too many of these cut-throats will come ‘home’ alive and well and ready to continue their war for a Sunni theocracy on the streets of Britain.

The BNP wish to see no British soldiers loosing their lives for foreign wars where we do not belong.

As an Official BNP Online Activist it is your duty to spread this message as far as you can. We do not want the blow-back violence from extremist Islamists that will happen when Britain is forced into war in Syria.

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Nick Griffin is in SYRIA where UK-born jihadis learning murder. No to foreign wars. Bring our troops home

twitter Nick Griffin is in SYRIA where UK-born jihadis are learning murder. No to foreign wars. Bring our troops home

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UKIP the truth.

People are desperate for a genuine alternative party which can offer real improvements in their lives and in the state of the country: a genuine halt to foreign immigration, withdrawal from the EU, strengthening of British agriculture and industry, a fair benefits system for the disabled, unemployed and elderly, protection for the environment, etc.

The instinct of most ordinary British people is in favour of a moderate nationalism and the type of pragmatic combination of conservatism and social concerns that underlies the BNP policies.

UKiP pretends to be a real alternative to the main parties, but their most recently published immigration policy is similar to the Conservatives, based on ‘balanced migration’ it would permit immigration of 150,000 foreigners each year to ‘balance’ the 100,000 British who emigrate.

They see ‘no problem’ with Islam, despite the increasing proof of the hatred and contempt which many Muslims – even those born in Britain – have for Britain and non-Muslim British people.

The only industry UKiP cares about is the financial services industry, they would increase Britain’s unhealthy dependence upon The City, and the centralisation of England on London.

They are the party of the elite, not of ordinary people. They would reduce welfare to a minimum and continue the privatisation (or plundering, more accurately) of national assets which the main parties have carried out since Thatcher’s time.

UKiP has had the support of the media and big business, Farage has followed Tony Blair and Boris Johnson in coseying up to Rupert Murdoch, and has been rewarded with favourable press coverage.

Despite our better policies and closer connections with the concerns of ordinary people, the votes for change have mainly gone to UKiP, not to the BNP.

A third world country

Banner associated with the British National Party.

Banner associated with the British National Party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Patriot,

Please watch the video below and then decide…….

Now more than ever we must step forward and take the lead in this struggle to champion the cause of British patriotism, to preserve, celebrate, to protect our children and teach them of the Great British achievements of the past and drive forward our vision of the restoration of a future where Britain is Great once more.

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“The Voice of Freedom”!

British National Party

British National Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The UK Nationalist problem.

English Defence League

English Defence League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are too many Nationalist groups in the UK.

We have the British Freedom Party BFP

We have the British Peoples Party BPP

We have the British Nationalist Party BNP

We have the English Defence League EDL not a political party but have links with BFP

We have the English Democrats and the campaign for an English parliament

We have Britain First formed from ex BNP members

We have the Scotish / Welsh and Irish Nationalists

We have the English Nationalist party

The problem as far as I can see is when more than one of these party’s put up for election in the same ward they split the Nationalist vote and thus let in the pro – EU Con/Dims or the Labour (Libor party) back into power. None of the 3 main party’s will ever get us out of the EU, put British workers first, stop immigration and foreign wars and foreign aid and invest in British manufacturing etc.

At the Next Election disgruntled Liberal Guardian readers are likely to vote Labour so Labour will be back in power. Then our National debt will increase as they borrow more and create more none jobs in the public sector. Labour opened the doors to mass immigration so to create a multi-cultural society and rub the rights nose in diversity. They know that most of their seats are in the big cities where immigrants tend to outnumber English people as white flight has caused the English to leave due to fear of crime etc.

The wards in England are not distributed fairly if they where then every ward would serve the same number of people. We could opporate parliament with 50 fewer M.P’s to make it more efficient. If we had true democracy we would have a PR system not first past the post that encourages tactical voting. Only a few seats determine who wins the next election these are where the party’s have roughly the same share of the votes. The conservatives can never win in a city like sheffield that is mainly full of council houses.

The main problem in the UK is people can leave school with no qualifications and breed and get a much bigger social house than they could get if they went to college and worked and got a mortgage.. The system will always pay their rents and council tax and never expect for them to work if they have children. In fact the DHSS can’t check if you have applied for jobs due to the data protection act.

BNP key things to be done.

– We will put British people first in their own country,


– We demand British jobs go to British workers,

– We say NO to an EU superstate, and YES to keeping Britain free,

– We will stop paying foreign aid and give that money to pensioners,

– and we will bring British troops home from Afghanistan.


Enough is enough! The BNP is the only genuine alternative to the old parties, that’s why the media lies about us all the time.