Greek tax evasion.

Greece is losing 13 billion euros annually to tax evasion and corruption. One of the prime culprits of tax embezzlement are tax collectors.

According to a report by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the Greek state is losing 13 billion euros annually in tax evasion and corruption. In spite of increased taxes that have been imposed through Value Added Tax, property tax, taxes on petrol and central heating oil, and other taxes which are collected directly through spending, tax evasion through business remains rife. The situation is exacerbated by corrupt tax officials who embezzle a percentage of fines imposed on those who fail to pay their taxes. Nikos Lekkas, head of investigations at Greece’s anti-fraud squad, claims only 20 percent of fines are collected, 40 percent written off, and 40 percent embezzled by tax officials. (Naharnet) Considering the amount of time the tax office spends on strike, rather than on tax collection, it is not surprising that tax evasion is rampant.

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Children a right or a social responsibility.

Couples who work and have children tend only to have small families because they can only afford a certain size home on the wages they get. Yet our perverse welfare system pays a single mum the same in welfare as a couple would get if they earned 23K between them. The single mum gets a free council flat with rent and council tax paid. The single mum then gets child benefits, tax credits and job seekers allowance. Feckless freeloading couples who choose not to work and just breed large familes are given free large council houses ( they could never afford a house this big if they had to get a mortgage.) . We have seen Somali families with no skills being housed in expensive areas of London all paid by welfare.

The unfair welfare system in the UK.

The welfare system in the UK is unfair as it treats those of us who have worked and paid taxes worse than freeloaders.

Freeloaders are given free council homes and get their rents paid by Housing benefit. This money does not come from nowhere the Government gives it to councils from money they get from the working tax payers – thus those who work and pay for a mortgage also subsidise free housing for council house freeloaders.

To make the situation worse most crimes like graffiti etc are done by those from council homes thus taxpayers have to pay more in council tax. Those not working in council housing get council tax for free.

In my opinion commiting a crime should exempt you from being able to get a council home. You can always get a place in a shared house or bedsit.

The welfare system at present rewards rich landlords who have unemployed tennents as they get their mortgages paid directly plus profit from the rent money local councils pay.

We need to encourage those who rent to seek work. The only way the syetem can do this is to reduce the amount of welfare it gives to those who rent. Those of us with mortgages only get our mortgage interest paid so why should those who rent get much more money than we do? Especially when many have never worked or paid taxes! I get 80 pounds per month mortgage interest piad and then have to pay my mortgage balance out of my JSA. Those who rent at the moment get to keep their full JSA. Those who rent are getting more than £170 a week for not working plus many of them do cash in the hand jobs.

I suggest JSA should be a maximum of £50 a week for those getting their rents paid.

Free housing for life

One of the biggest social problems in the UK is the fact that none working people are given free council housing and get their full rents paid by housing benefit. The welfare system was supposed to be a safety net not a way of life for free loaders. These freeloaders can get a bigger house than they ever could get by working just by having a large family. People who work and have a mortgage are taxed – some of this tax money is given by the Government to the councils to pay the freeloaders rents. So in effect those with mortgages are paying for their properties and being taxed so others can live for free. Those who pay council tax are also paying for the pensions of public sector workers, which are much more than private pensions. Also council tax pays for those who run the Unions. Some teachers only do six days work a year because the rest of their time is spent doing Union work.

Ironically those who work and pay taxes and have a mortgage get penalised when they lose their jobs as they only get their mortgage interest paid and are expected to pay the rest of the balance through JSA. So why should those in council housing who don’t work get their full rents paid?