Meddling marxist EU again.

Britain is being taken to court by the European Commission for allegedly discriminating against EU nationals who claim social security in the UK.

Ministers are accused of discriminating against those from EU member states who have been living and working in the UK.

It is alleged an extra residency test applied by the UK to see if migrants are eligible to claim breaches EU law.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he planned to fight the commission “every step of the way”.

The EU has a standard test that is supposed to be applied by countries to determine a migrant’s eligibility for welfare payments.

But the British right-to-reside test goes further and restricts access to a number of social security benefits that would otherwise be available to those coming to the UK from another EU member state.

The commission believes the UK is breaking EU law and alleges thousands of people may have been unfairly denied benefits as a result.

Consequently, it plans to take Britain to the European Court of Justice – an action that could take years to complete.

But Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith accused the commission of trying to “water down” measures to protect British taxpayers.


membership of the EU means you have lost control of your borders. It is that simple.

The Government last night vowed to “resist forcefully” any extra burden on taxpayers. But defiant Eurocrats dismissed UK concerns as scaremongering.

The EU Commission yesterday proposed a lawdesigned to help migrants looking for work in the UK by giving them more inform­ation about their rights. It also requires us to make it easier for them to sue if they are denied access to our welfare system.

Ministers have already promised to tighten the rules on handouts for European migrants amid concerns about an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians next year.

The Commission’s proposal sparked a storm of protest yesterday. Tory MP Stewart Jackson said: “It is vital these measures are debated at Westminster. It’s not the business of Brussels bureaucrats to tell us who we should pay benefits to or not, but a matter for our sovereign Parliament. Ministers need to get a firm grip. The patience of taxpayers is rapidly running out.”

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said: “This statement has been put out specifically to stick two fingers up at David Cameron.

“It shows clearly that he and his Government are entirely impotent despite all their protestations. membership of the EU means you have lost control of your borders. It is that simple.


The corrupt E.U

BRUSSELS bureaucrats wasted billions of pounds through fraud and blunders last year, the EU’s own auditors revealed last night.

Official EU spending watchdogs raised questions over a colossal £89billion of spending during 2011. And for the 18th year in a row, they refused to sign off the EU’s annual accounts.

The damning verdict brought new fury at the soaring EU budget and added to the pressure on David Cameron to block a further massive hike.

He faces tense talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today over the rising bill for Brussels ahead of a crunch summit on the issue later this month.

In yesterday’s report, the European Court of Auditors admitted there were “too many cases of EU money not hitting the target or being used sub-optimally”.

Confirming that the level of fraud and blunder was getting worse, the report said that the “error rate” in EU spending rose to 3.9 per cent last year from 3.7 per cent in 2010. In environmental schemes, fisheries and rural development, the error rate hit 7.7 per cent.

EU Waste

The vast European Union budget could be slashed overnight by almost a third amid evidence of spiraling expenditure on quangos, empty parliament buildings and staff pay and perks, a damning report has found.

Despite austerity throughout the Continent, the European Commission has proposed a 6.8 per cent increase in EU spending next year, while cutting only six out of almost 41,000 EU jobs, it says.

And for the next long-term EU budget after 2014, Brussels has proposed another 5 per cent increase.
Hypocritical: Despite austerity throughout the Continent, the European Commission has proposed a 6.8 per cent increase in EU spending next year, while cutting only six out of almost 41,000 EU jobs, it says

Now, following a line-by-line analysis of EU spending in 2012, think tank Open Europe is to set out an alternative budget that would reduce spending by almost 30 per cent – saving European taxpayers around £33billion annually.

And Britain would reduce its annual gross contribution to the EU budget by almost £4.6billion.

The cost of EU quangos has gone up by 33 per cent in two years, the report says. Simply scrapping those that duplicate work or add no value would save £350million.

It says getting rid of the European Parliament’s additional building in Strasbourg could save £146million.

Last year, the Parliament issued tenders with a combined value of more than £50.7million related to the maintenance of the building, although it was empty for 317 days.
Greek exit

Expenditure on MEPs’ salaries and allowances has increased by 77.5 per cent since 2005 and cost £154million in 2012, excluding pensions and transitional allowances. And expenditure on Commission staff salaries has risen by 17.9 per cent since 2005 and now totals £1.7billion.

Spending on schooling for children of EU officials currently stands at £137million, and is set for an increase in 2013 of 6.8 per cent.

There are also substantial savings to be made in a range of other areas, including administration, communications and justice, the report says.

Pawel Swidlicki of Open Europe said: ‘Given the economic climate in Europe, the UK has a golden opportunity to push for fundamental reform of the EU budget.

‘However, the Coalition is selling itself short in on-going talks over the EU’s long-term budget, given that its primary objectives of freezing spending and defending the rebate could be achieved simply by wielding its veto. The UK Government needs to be far more ambitious.’
No issue: Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy did not demand a watering down of Britain’s EU budget rebate

For example, more than one quarter of the EU budget is spent on subsidies to farmers and landowners, irrespective of whether they are engaged in any meaningful economic activity.

The report says slimming down the Common Agricultural Policy would bolster rural job creation while saving almost £19billion.David Cameron has previously agreed not to push too hard for reform of the policy, which favours French farmers.

In exchange, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy did not demand a watering down of Britain’s EU budget rebate.

However, the Prime Minister is under pressure from Tory backbenchers to take a tougher stance on Europe in negotiations over the next seven-year EU budget which will run from 2014-2021.

Talks are expected to come to a head next year.

Tory MP Andrea Leadsom, a leading figure in the eurosceptic Fresh Start group of MPs, said: ‘We should be far more aggressive in our negotiating position.’