English Defence League Newsletter: June 2013


Recently the British public witnessed a form of barbarism never seen before in this country.

The outpouring of grief and anger has been channelled. The EDL, its supporters and friends worldwide, have been magnificent in their response and support. It’s just tragic that it takes such ahorrendous occurrence for people to take our message more seriously.

If we could swap the 120,000 Facebook likes we have gained since this appalling act of terrorism to bring Lee Rigby back, we would! We live in dangerous times. The future of our country’s national security, our identity, our culture and future generations to come hang in the balance.

It’s up to us, proud patriots worldwide, to counter and fight the islamist cancer that has taken root in our societies.

It’s up to us because successive governments have betrayed and ultimately failed us. Luckily we have the power to make them accountable and force them into taking very serious action, to cut this malignant cancer out of our towns and cities once and for all!

Tommy and Kev thank each and every one of you.

Your support since the barbaric attack has been fantastic. It’s people like you who make the EDL what it is today, the largest counter jihad grassroots street movement in the world. You make us proud and give us the ability to fight back legitimately.

Despite sickening provocations you have not faltered. You have shown the far left to be the bed buddies, facilitators and empowerers of this islamist menace, a most unholy alliance indeed.

You must continue on this path for future events,to aid in increasing the spread of our message, to show our detractors for exactly what they are. Our fight does not need to be fought with fists, (unless in self defence), but with good words and good deeds.

If you keep exposing our enemies for what they are, they will fall on their own swords. Since that awful day the profile of the EDL has become much greater and created new security issues for Tommy, Kev and their families. We must be able to provide security for them when they need it. Right now we can’t, and Bedfordshire police aren’t interested in keeping them safe.

DonateEveryone involved in the EDL is a volunteer and donates their time and efforts to our cause. You have supported us on the streets, now we need to ask you to support us in one more way.

We are asking all EDL supporters to please step up and make a donation. We know times are hard for everyone, but even just £1 can help us continue to make a difference. Tommy and Kev put their lives on the line daily.

Click on the DONATE button on our website to do your part. It’s a small price to pay.

No Surrender!




Racist Muslim Paedostani’s jailed

Two pairs of brothers from Oxford who were among seven men who abused girls as part of a sadistic sex grooming ring have been jailed for life.

Mohammed Karrar, 38, and brother Bassam Karrar, 34, will serve a minimum of 20 years and 15 years respectively.

Brothers Akhtar Doghar, 32, and Anjum Doghar, 31, were both given minimum terms of 17 years, at the Old Bailey.

The men’s offences included child rape and trafficking, between 2004 and 2012. A fifth man was also jailed for life.

Kamar Jamil, 27, who was found guilty of charges including rape and arranging child prostitution, was told he would serve at least 12 years.

Jurors heard at the men’s trial at the Old Bailey how six girls, aged at the time between 11 and 15, were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to perform sex acts.

Some were beaten and burned.

The court heard how the men – two of east African origin and five of Pakistani origin – identified vulnerable girls for abuse and then groomed each one of them until they were under the control of the gang.

They were then each either abused by the men themselves, given to the men’s friends or offered at a price to others who were not on trial.

The girls were mostly chosen because their unsettled or troubled lives made them easier to manipulate.

These Muslims never groom Muslim girls..

The welfare system that penalizers those who work.

My next door neighbour is a single mum. The father only visits her to ensure that she gets maximum welfare. The council pay her full rent of £550 per month. How many private companies would give someone a flat then pay their rent? How much are councils giving to private landlords each year? There would not be a housing shortage if it was not for all the economic migrants we have let in from Africa and India etc.

I am having to sell my flat because all I got was £80 a month towards my mortgage interest and I could not find the extra £130 a month towards my mortgage from my JSA due to paying utility bills etc.