PUBLIC faith in the benefits system is plummeting.

PUBLIC faith in the benefits system is plummeting. There used to be widespread support for welfare, which was seen as a badge of our civilisation.
But attitudes have changed over recent decades as the system has remorselessly expanded and handouts have become more lavish. People now recognise that social security is no longer driven by real compassion. Instead it provides perverse incentives for idleness and irresponsibility.

The anger of taxpayers is bound to be fuelled by outrageous cases such as that of the Maidstone couple who have not worked for the past eight years, yet live on annual bene-fits worth £26,000. Sustained by this largesse from the state, the jobless pair have produced six children since 2005, a level of fecundity that has only reinforced their sponging lifestyle.

The mother of this subsidised brood, Maggie Flisher, claims she cannot work because of mental health problems. Her husband Gavin argues that he has to stay at home to look after the family. But far from showing any gratitude they are indignant at the way they have been treated. Because of the size of their family the Flishers believe that they should be moved by the council from their one-bedroom flat to far bigger accommodation, preferably a four-bedroom house.

This offensive saga embodies everything that is wrong with the system. Most couples in work do not have more children than they feel they can afford. But the Flishers have no such sense of personal responsibility and keep on reproducing regardless of the consequences, knowing that the state will pick up the tab.

Indeed, in the insane world of welfare Britain, indiscriminate reproduction brings its own financial gain in that every extra child leads to more benefits. In the case of the Flishers, they are estimated to be making around £1,400 a month from their offspring through child benefits and child tax credits.

Maggie Flisher claims she has tried female contraception but it has not worked because she is, supposedly, “super fertile”. On medical grounds that is highly unconvincing.

The Flishers exhibit that nauseating sense of entitlement that is all too common among serial claimants, who know all about their rights and nothing about their duties.

If they want bigger accommodation then why not earn it instead of just demanding it? Their case also reeks of a profound injustice against the public. There are millions of citizens who go out to work every day and earn nothing like £26,000 a year. Yet even while they struggle with their own living costs and childcare bills, they are required through taxes to subsidise parasitical households.


The problem with social housing in the UK.

I know several single mums who have got a free council flat by just getting pregnant. I know several men who have said they are “homeless” and jump the waiting lists and are given a free council flat. What most of these people have in common is they don’t work so that the Council pays their full rent from Housing benefit. The council also does free plumbing and fixes their boilers for free. Somebody is paying for this|! Basically the Government give some of taxpayers money to the local Councils. One department in the council then pays the Housing Benefit into the Rent department for that tenant. This means that taxpayers with mortgages are subsidizing the freeloading lifestyles of social housing tenants.

The problem is even worse with large families they are given a bigger house than they could ever get if they got a job and a mortgage, most are so unskilled that they could only do manual warehouse work etc.

New immigrant families have been homed in very luxury homes in Londonistan with Housing Benefit up to £100K a year paid. Could they really get a job that would pay the rent? Are our Councils so afraid of being labelled racists if they don’t home the immigrants in luxury homes. Asylum seekers are getting free TV licence, free telephone calls back home, fully fitted homes and a winter fuel allowance. Back in the countries where these immigrants come from all the family would sleep in just one room. Why must we give them 7 bedroom homes? Most are just economic migrants who come here because they can’t get welfare in their home countries. It is no wonder we have 250,000 immigrants coming to the UK each year when we treat them so well.

We must stop giving Asylum. We must also stop foreign Aid. We should also change the points system on social housing so that those who have worked and paid taxes are put first. Child benefits should be limited to just 2 children and social housing to just 3 bedrooms.

Social Housing in the UK.

I know several young girls who have got pregnant in my area to get a free social housing flat. The councils always give them a flat even though most of them have never worked or paid taxes. Most of these young women really want a house so they keep getting pregnant and producing kids until the council gives them a free house.

I also know several men who have played the homeless card often going to live in a homeless hostel so they jump the council waiting lists. Their possesions are often kept at relatives homes while they trick the system.

Once these people get free social housing they never work because they get their full rents and council taxes paid.

I think the social housing points systtem needs changing so that working people and married people get top priority it is too easy to cheat the present system. Those people who are unemployed and are given free flats should only get 90 percent of their rents paid by Housing benefit they should be made to pay some rent money out of their JSA. This would make life harder on the dole and act as an incentive to get a job.

I am currently unemployed and only get £80 a month towards my mortgage interest, yet those in free council flats are getting over £200 a month rents paid by housing benefit. At the other extreme we have Somali families homed in luxury homes in Londonistan getting rents of over £100,000 a year paid plus loads in benefits for their children. In Afriaca families all share just one room and don’t live in luxury homes. It is no wonder our country has seen an influx of foreign invaders playing the asylum card. Most of these asylum seekers have passed through safe lands and therefore are not eligible to claim asylum here.

If we are going to give asylum seekers free social housing it should be in areas of the country that have cheaper rents like Liverpool we should not be homing them in inner Londonistan.

How is social housing paid for? The Governement give taxpayers money to the councils. The councils then move this money from one department to another eg housing benefit to pay the rents of the freeloaders. By homing none working people the councils are not getting any money from rent to build more social housing.

The scandal of large families in the UK.

Just today on the bus I overheard a converstion. A 22 year old young women who had 5 children expected the Council to house her and her brood in a 3 storey home. Her boyfriend lived in another flat probably so she could get maximum child and housing benefits. Why should we home people in bigger homes than they could ever get if they got a mortgage? These chavs don’t even have basic skills to do a manual job that would bring in the minimum wage.

All over the UK Housing benefit is suplimenting the rent on large families who have been moved into large homes bigger than they could get if they got a mortgage. A lot of these families are asylum seekers from Africa and other 3rd world countries who in reality where just economic migrants.

The reality is those people who work and pay a mortgage are supplimenting the rents of those who have been given these large homes often in too expensive areas.

Why taxpayers are not up in arms and writing to their M.P’s I don’t know.

No political party seems brave enough to cap Child benefits to 2 children, to stop the abuse of couples living apart to maximise benefits or cap the amount of housing benefit paid to £15K a year.

Sell off expensive council homes.

David Cameron has given his backing to contentious plans to encourage the sale of expensive council houses.

Local authorities have been urged to rid themselves of homes in high-value postcodes by the Prime Minister’s favourite think-tank, the Policy Exchange.

Around £4.5billion a year could be raised if councils sold costly homes when tenants moved out.

This could then be invested in extra housing stock in cheaper areas, the think-tank said.

It could also be used to build new homes, stimulating the economy and generating jobs.

Critics say the idea would create ghettos – but Downing Street gave the idea its firm backing yesterday.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘Councils should be looking at ways to use their social housing stock as efficiently as they can.

‘The waiting lists for social housing have increased a lot in the past.

‘They doubled under the last government. [Councils] need to think about how they can use that social housing more efficiently. If they can sell very high-worth housing and invest in more social housing and find homes for more people, that’s something that should be looked at.’

Housing minister Grant Shapps has also praised the proposal, saying: ‘Where you have houses which are worth millions, you could sell them and build a lot more homes to help sometimes vulnerable people come off the waiting list.

The perverse Housing benefit system in the UK.

Many Councils in the UK give free social housing to the unemployed these people often remain unemployed for several years getting their full rents paid by Housing Benefit. Money is simply being moved from one Council account to another with the Government paying so much towards Housing benefit.

Rich landlords can fill up their extra homes with the unemployed and get their mortgages paid off by the rent money they receive via Housing Benefit from the councils. Yet those people who work and have a mortgage only get their mortgage interest paid in times of need when made redundant.

Our Councils especially in London have also homes asylum seekers in very expensive homes knowing full well they are not able to get a job that would pay the rent.

The system seems to help the very rich and the freeloaders but not those who have worked and paid taxes. The reality is those who work and pay for a mortgage are also paying taxes for freeloaders to live off the state for free.

Children a right or a social responsibility.

Couples who work and have children tend only to have small families because they can only afford a certain size home on the wages they get. Yet our perverse welfare system pays a single mum the same in welfare as a couple would get if they earned 23K between them. The single mum gets a free council flat with rent and council tax paid. The single mum then gets child benefits, tax credits and job seekers allowance. Feckless freeloading couples who choose not to work and just breed large familes are given free large council houses ( they could never afford a house this big if they had to get a mortgage.) . We have seen Somali families with no skills being housed in expensive areas of London all paid by welfare.