Foreign Aid

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money could be ending up in the pockets of Taliban insurgents and corrupt Afghan officials, a damning report has revealed.The International Crisis Group warned that up to 10 per cent of overseas aid was being paid in bribes and protection money to the Taliban and officials in Kabul. Over the next four years, the Prime Minister has pledged to give £710million to Afghanistan alone. That could mean up to £70million of British money going to the very people we are fighting. The Department for International Development spent £102million on aid  to Afghanistan in the last financial year, but this will rise to £178million this year. Of these totals, 16 per cent goes to Helmand province, where British troops operate.

Ministers are in secret talks to enshrine in law the Government’s promise to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas aid. International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell is demanding Parliamentary time to introduce the controversial legislation. Officials from his department are in talks with Tory whips and Leader of the House Sir George Young to ensure the Bill is passed.

British taxpayers provided Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe with £8million in aid to buy police vehicles that were used to crush his own people, a report found yesterday.
The tyrant’s regime was also supplied with loan guarantees worth £21million to help him import more than 1,000 Land Rovers.


Making England great again.

The problem with England is we give too much money away. We should stop all foreign aid and stop fighting in wars that are none of our concern. We have a million illegal immigrants who should be easy to find and remove but the fact is someone wants them here. We pay Somali’s to live in million pound homes in London and pay their rents of over £100K a year. Housing benefit should be limited to just £15k a year and no welfare for those who have never worked. We need to end the work shy culture by only giving social and council housing to working people. This would also end the problem of young girls getting pregnant to get a free flat. Sinle mums should be homed in hostels. National Insurance should be a true Insurance policy paying your last wage if you are unemployed and the amount reducing the longer you stay out of work. Too many people don’t bother to look for work because they get their full rents paid – housing benefit should only pay 90 percent up to a maximum of £15k. Why should the work shy be able to live in central London when workers have to commute. We should get out of the EU another institution that costs us too much. We should stop the Human Rights Act. All these savings could then be invested in British manufacturing.

Foreign Aid.

Why do we give Foreign Aid to corrupt countries like Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Zimbabwe who hate us. All aid should be stopped. We give aid to China and India who can afford space programs. We should give more aid to Libya this will help stem the economic migrants heading into the EU from Africa. Charity begins at home we should build more affordable housing here and help our manufacturing companies.