White English and proud of the fact.

Why do so many application forms these days only have options for White-British or White-other? I am White English, my ancestors have lived in England for over a thousand years. My ancestors are Anglo-Saxon and Norse (Vikings and Normans). A dog born in a stable is still a dog not a horse! You can be Black – British but not Black English. The English are a defined race of people. It seems the word English has become a dirty word. The Welsh and Scots can have their own Governments but not the English. Who is prepared to stand up and preserve English customs and culture?


Part time workers

One in 10 of all workers in the UK are now officially underemployed, according to a study from the Office For National Statistics (ONS).

It says 3,050,000 workers want to work more hours each week, out of a total workforce of 29.41 million.

The number of workers in this position has shot up by 980,000 in the four years since the start of the economic recession in 2008.

Most of the underemployment is concentrated among part-time workers.

llegal immigrants must be given free treatment by GPs

llegal immigrants must be given free treatment by GPs, under a hugely controversial edict handed down by NHS managers.

The doctors will be paid £64 a year for each migrant they put on their books – the same amount they receive for all new patients.

The guidance, which was slipped out in July, states that an overseas visitor can register with a doctor provided they are in the area for more than 24 hours.

A GP’s appointment cannot be withheld on the grounds that the patient does not have personal identification or proof of residence.

Spy software.

Gamma International, the owner of the FinFisher suite of products, which some believe was sold to repressive regimes and other government agencies to spy on citizens, has been hacked.

British firm Gamma International confirmed one of its servers had been compromised, saying the information that was stolen has been used to identify the software it had used in demos for customers. The software in question is the FinSpy tool, which has been described as a Trojan used to intercept communications and acquire data.

The hacked server has now been shut down as the company investigates what happened.

“Gamma International has had information relating to its sales demonstration server stolen from it. The time, date and the method at the moment are unknown. Gamma are looking into how this might have happened,” Martin J Muench, managing director of the firm, told TechWeekEurope.

“The information stolen from Gamma relates to the public server that Gamma International uses for its sales demonstrations to potential clients.

“It’s a nuisance but not a real problem. Gamma have rewritten the new demonstration programmes [sic]. None of our clients have been affected.”

The company said its actual products are encrypted and contain “a wider range of functionality, a more advanced rootkit” and are not as simple for hackers to locate as the demonstration software.

Gamma has been heavily criticised by privacy and human rights groups. Last month, the Andover-based firm was implicated in selling spying kit to the Bahraini government, allegedly for intercepting communications of pro-democracy activists. It was previously claimed that the company sold its FinFisher kit, which includes FinSpy, to repressive regimes, including the now-fallen Hosni Mubarak government of Egypt.

Muench said he could not comment on who the company’s customers were or where they came from.


Worse still, since political correctness stands truth and lies on their heads, people are vilified as extremists or bigots simply for telling the truth, connecting to reality or standing up for right over wrong.

Let us be clear: the claim that it is racist to oppose multiculturalism is the opposite of the truth. This is because multiculturalism does not, as is so often mistakenly believed, mean being tolerant of other cultures. It is a creed which holds instead that no one culture can trump any other.

That means you can’t uphold human rights, equality for women or freedom of religious belief over cultures that don’t uphold these values.

So multiculturalism inescapably involves abandoning certain ethnic minorities to violence, inequality and persecution. And that is truly racist.