Housing benefit to help those who work.

It is wrong that somebody who earn £24K a year in London still gets help towards their rent through Housing Benefit. People should be encouraged to live in properties where they can pay the full rent out of their wages. It is the taxpayers who are subsidizing them to live in expensive London boroughs. The reason for the housing shortage in London is because it was a magnet for all the illegal immigrants. If we sent the bogus asylum seekers and illegal immigrants back  they would be no shortage of affordable places to rent. Those of us with mortgages get no help in times of unemployment all we get is our mortgage interest paid putting us in debt or having to borrow money from family to pay the mortgage.


How the welfare state creates chavs like Philpot.

The bitter welfare war between Labour and the Tories escalated last night after George Osborne linked the Mick Philpott case to the shake-up of the benefits system.

The Chancellor was accused of ‘demeaning his office’ – simply for pointing out that the appalling case strengthened the need for welfare reform.

In an extraordinary reaction from Labour, the Chancellor was described as a ‘disgrace’ for making his comments on the day that father-of-17 Philpott, his wife Mairead and accomplice Paul Mosley were jailed for burning the couple’s six children to death.

The jury at Nottingham Crown Court had heard that one of the motivations for Philpott’s sickening crimes was his desire to get his hands on the benefits money which vanished when his live-in lover left with their five children.

I think there is a question for government and for society about the welfare state, and the taxpayers who pay for the welfare state, subsidising lifestyles like that.

The Chancellor is right the welfare state has been creating feckless chavs like Philpot for years. Child benefit should only be for two children maximum and benefits capped at £18k.

Social Housing should be limited to 3 bedrooms maximum.


I know several people who have never worked yet they have got free council flats and get their rents of over £500 a month paid and their repairs done for free by the council. I have worked and paid taxes all my life yet all I get is £56 towards my mortgage interest. My family have been helping me out with money to pay my mortgage each month.

I now face the prospect of selling my flat to pay off my debts and move into private rented property. The DHSS allow you to have only £6,000 in the bank you can have up to £16,000 but you lose £1 for every £250 off your personnel allowance up to the £16,000 maximum. The system is encouraging people to spend money on unwanted cars etc just to get their bank balances below £16,000. Seems stupid to me when most cars are foreign made. In the long run once I move into rented accommodation it will cost the DHSS more and make it much harder for me to find a job that pays the rent and leaves money to survive on.

Freeloading of the rest of us.

One jobless family of 12 claims almost £50,000 a year in welfare and say they are much better on the dole than working. Stephannie Fennessy and partner Ian Sharp live in a 5 bedroom rented home. Mr Sharp has not worked for 20 years due to suffering from migraines.

Each year the couple get £20,400 in housing benefit, £14,456 in cvhild tax credits, £8,320 in incapacity benefit, £4,524 child benefit and £1,200 council tax benefit. A total of £49,000 tax free.

You would need to earn £72,000 before tax to get the same amount plus travelling to work would cost you money.

The perverse Housing benefit system in the UK.

Many Councils in the UK give free social housing to the unemployed these people often remain unemployed for several years getting their full rents paid by Housing Benefit. Money is simply being moved from one Council account to another with the Government paying so much towards Housing benefit.

Rich landlords can fill up their extra homes with the unemployed and get their mortgages paid off by the rent money they receive via Housing Benefit from the councils. Yet those people who work and have a mortgage only get their mortgage interest paid in times of need when made redundant.

Our Councils especially in London have also homes asylum seekers in very expensive homes knowing full well they are not able to get a job that would pay the rent.

The system seems to help the very rich and the freeloaders but not those who have worked and paid taxes. The reality is those who work and pay for a mortgage are also paying taxes for freeloaders to live off the state for free.

The fall of empires.

Empires tend to collaspe because they invent sysyems that act detrimental to the empire this is one of the reasons Rome fell.

In Britain we have the following systems destroying our country.

Granting Asylum to every economic migrant who has passed through safe lands.

A welfare system that encourages the feckless and freeloaders especially single mothers and large families.

A housing system that can be bypassed by saying you are homeless you get a free council home.

A data protection act that stops the DHSS investigating fraud and job applications by the unemployed.

Tax loopholes including off shore banking.

A country ruined by being a member of the EU who has never had an account passed. We have lost our fishing industry etc

The EU costs us millions of pounds per day and we have had to bail out Ireland and Greece who should have never been allowed to join the Euro.

Teachers who can’t remove bad pupils from class rooms.

A welfare system that rewards single mothers with free flats and large freeloading families with free large council homes.

A system where everybody who works with a mortgage is taxed to pay for civil servants pensions and taxed to pay the rents and council taxes of dole freeloaders.

A country that pays foreign aid to our enemy’s and countrys that don’t need our money. We should put the English first and stop all foreign aid and fighting wars on foreign soil.

International law says that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. Yet we allow illegal immigrants to enter the UK and when they are caught they claim asylum. The Home Office wants to deport the illegal immigrants but the immigrants often get a friendly judge who argues they should have the right to remain because of their human rights. We need to sack these judges who are destroying the UK.

Children a right or a social responsibility.

Couples who work and have children tend only to have small families because they can only afford a certain size home on the wages they get. Yet our perverse welfare system pays a single mum the same in welfare as a couple would get if they earned 23K between them. The single mum gets a free council flat with rent and council tax paid. The single mum then gets child benefits, tax credits and job seekers allowance. Feckless freeloading couples who choose not to work and just breed large familes are given free large council houses ( they could never afford a house this big if they had to get a mortgage.) . We have seen Somali families with no skills being housed in expensive areas of London all paid by welfare.