Housing benefit to help those who work.

It is wrong that somebody who earn £24K a year in London still gets help towards their rent through Housing Benefit. People should be encouraged to live in properties where they can pay the full rent out of their wages. It is the taxpayers who are subsidizing them to live in expensive London boroughs. The reason for the housing shortage in London is because it was a magnet for all the illegal immigrants. If we sent the bogus asylum seekers and illegal immigrants back  they would be no shortage of affordable places to rent. Those of us with mortgages get no help in times of unemployment all we get is our mortgage interest paid putting us in debt or having to borrow money from family to pay the mortgage.


immigration facts for the UK.

ALMOST half a million immigrants flooded into the UK last year at a rate of more than 1,300 a day, shock new figures reveal. The astonishing statistic prompted fears that the country has lost the battle to bring mass immigration under control. It came as separate figures showed more than a quarter of babies in Britain last year were born to foreign mothers. In some parts of ­London, immigrant women account for three- quarters of all births. Campaigners warned the Government was on course to miss its target of slashing net immigration to “tens of thousands” by 2015. Paul Nuttall, Ukip deputy leader, said: “These figures show how the simple character of the country is being changed beyond recognition.The Government must become more serious about controlling immigration because these changes are happening without the say so of the people. “Our public services, schools, hospitals and housing cannot support this kind of growth. It is the weakness and ignorance of successive Governments that have let it happen.” The ­figures, from the Office for National Statistics,show 487,000 of the 566,00 long-term immigrants entering Britain last year did not hold UK passports.

TIMe for a Plan B

Today’s public finance figures will only polarise the debate about economic growth even more.

It’s already a lively one. A rising number of vocal economists are calling the Chancellor to use the UK’s record low borrowing costs to raise funds in the market to boost infrastructure spending and stimulate growth.

The Chancellor, meanwhile, remains 100pc committed to his plan – that the Government will not jeopardise its market credibility by getting out the chequebook for a debt-fuelled spending binge.

As the argument rages, though, the official data is making a mockery of both groups.

Borrowing this year could be as much as £30bn more than in 2011/12, according to economists at Royal Bank of Scotland and Scotiabank. That would take it to £155bn – just £3bn less than Labour at the height of its Keynesian stimulus efforts in 2009/10.

The figure was unsustainable then and it is now.

So borrowing is already soaring, just as the Chancellor’s critics would like and despite George Osborne’s best efforts.

If the deficit does mushroom as feared, the markets could start asking fresh questions about the sustainability of Britain’s public finances. Osborne might even have to make more pledges on cuts in future years.

On the other hand, the growing chorus of voices will argue that – with the deficit already so high – borrowing another £20bn-£30bn for one-off projects would be neither here nor there.

Stimulating growth could reduce unemployment and trigger a recovery that would see tax receipts pickup, pushing the deficit down rapidly after the one-off spending round, they will say.

Both options carry huge risks. If the Chancellor is too inflexible, the markets may decide the lack of growth is Britain’s Achilles’ heel. If he caves in and spends for little reward, the markets could decide he is another fickle politician and demand growth-sapping, higher borrowing costs.

Another plan might be to provide some kind of debt relief to the private sector in the hope that households can stimulate demand. If that coincided with a sharp fall in inflation, that might help. But no such plans are under consideration, despite suggestions by the International Monetary Fund among others.

Short of a resurgence in Europe – which is simply not going to happen – or a radical new idea, the public finance figures serve as a reminder that the financial crisis and decade of debt have condemned the UK to just this uncomfortable state of anxiety.

The loss of disposable income

For many people who work and have a mortgage in the UK, the high cost of house prices means that they have no real disposable income. They can’t afford to go out to a pub or a restaurant to treat the family. So they buy cheap beer from a supermarket and get a take-away instead. The effects can be seen all around the UK with pubs closing every week. Some of these pubs are taken over by Muslims who convert them into Mosques and thus English culture is slowly being destroyed.

Companies are making more people unemployed and making their employee’s do the work of 2 people – this is causing stress and mental health problems for the workers. The unemployed then have less money to spend so they to visit pound shops etc. The result is a slow death to other shops in the high street. People can no longer afford holidays so people in the holiday industry also become unemployed.

The Government needs to act it would make more sense for them to help companies retain staff than having to pay the unemployed person’s wages.

The only real winners are those who have been given free council flats and get their full rents paid by the system. These people have their full JSA to spend and are often more cash rich than those who work. Those who have a mortgage suffer when made unemployed because the system only pays their mortgage interest, so every week they remain unemployed they are falling behind on the mortgage.

Net immigration to the UK 250,000 immigrants per year.

Net immigration over the last decade to the UK has been running at over 250,000 immigrants per year. Many of these immigrants are from countries that are outside the EU. Immigration has led to overcrowded schools where often English children are being taught in classes where most of the other pupils have English as a second language. Immigration has meant more houses have to be built on flood plains and has led to worter shortages already. A demographic fact is that immigrants also tend to have more children than English families. What will happen when all these immigrants grow old? – how will the NHS cope?, we already let foreigners fly in and have free treatment. Why is the Government failing to remove all the illegal migrants from the UK. Most Asylum saeekers are just economic migrants who come here because they get free housing and welfare which they don’t get back in their home countries. The international law on refugees says asylum seekers must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter yet we allow them to make claim after claim in the UK until they are sucessful often by citing their right to a family life or human rights etc. Only the lawyers are laughing as they are making a fortune from legal aid defending asylum cases.

We have Irish Pikies stealing metal or fleecing old people out of their savings after doind a dodgy tarmac job on their drives. We have Romanian pickpockets and organised gangs copying credit card details.

Why have we allowed so many Turks to settle in the UK? Why do we allow Pakistanis to go abroad to get a wife – we have plenty of Pakistani’s in the UK. I see a future where there is a civil war in England between the increasing Muslim population and the English. Muslims call for Sharia law if they want this why don’t they go and live under it in Saudi Arabia instead of trying to change the UK. Saudi would not allow Christian churches to be built so why do we allow Mulims to buy out pubs and tunr them into Mosques.

Time to create a master database for the UK.

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million people did not fill in and return the National Census forms. It should be possible to create a master database by merging a database of all Doctors patients and all those who are registered at school etc. If the new master database is compared with the census database we should be able to identify those who have not filled in the census. These people should be fined £1000 as the law states. Most of the people not filling in the census will be illegal immigrants or welfare cheats so we will catch fraudsters as well by creating a master database.

The unfair welfare system in the UK.

The welfare system in the UK is unfair as it treats those of us who have worked and paid taxes worse than freeloaders.

Freeloaders are given free council homes and get their rents paid by Housing benefit. This money does not come from nowhere the Government gives it to councils from money they get from the working tax payers – thus those who work and pay for a mortgage also subsidise free housing for council house freeloaders.

To make the situation worse most crimes like graffiti etc are done by those from council homes thus taxpayers have to pay more in council tax. Those not working in council housing get council tax for free.

In my opinion commiting a crime should exempt you from being able to get a council home. You can always get a place in a shared house or bedsit.

The welfare system at present rewards rich landlords who have unemployed tennents as they get their mortgages paid directly plus profit from the rent money local councils pay.

We need to encourage those who rent to seek work. The only way the syetem can do this is to reduce the amount of welfare it gives to those who rent. Those of us with mortgages only get our mortgage interest paid so why should those who rent get much more money than we do? Especially when many have never worked or paid taxes! I get 80 pounds per month mortgage interest piad and then have to pay my mortgage balance out of my JSA. Those who rent at the moment get to keep their full JSA. Those who rent are getting more than £170 a week for not working plus many of them do cash in the hand jobs.

I suggest JSA should be a maximum of £50 a week for those getting their rents paid.