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This guys rant was in response to this:

How can he be a member of Parliament, and at the sa

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Al Qaeda And The Muslim Brotherhood Hold Secret Meeting In Jordan, Discuss New Jihad In Egypt

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Not so secret if the Arab media is reporting it. And not surprising, either, if true. After all, every Al Qaeda leader was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or one of its arms at some point and both share one mind and one goal for the cause of “Allah” and his “prophet”: a global Islamist caliphate

By ARIEL BEN SOLOMON, The Jerusalem Post – “Al-Qaida and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood met secretly last week in Jordan according to a source quoted by the Egyptian daily Al-Youm al-Sabaa on Saturday.

The meeting focused on the conflict in Egypt and Syria and an altercation broke out between a Brotherhood member and jihadist leader Mohammad al-Miqdad, and the latter asked the Brotherhood not to publicly denounce the actions of the jihadists.

The jihadists discussed their plans to start moving Syrian and Iraqi jihadists into Egypt in order to carry…

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Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Qadeer Baksh

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In early October 2013, Tommy Robinson, the leader of the right-wing counterjihad group known as the English Defense League, stepped down. This was seen as a major blow to the group, and the move was completely out-of-the-blue and unprecedented. Robinson, at a press conference with leaders from the “anti-extremism” think tank Quilliam Institute, a Muslim-run group, announced his resignation and was met with immediate disgust. His new Muslim friends, however, love their little pet. Today, I’m going to examine Abdul Qadeer Baksh, an activist preacher with whom Robinson debated on the radio, and also provide commentary on the EDL leader’s exit.

At the press conference when he announced his departure, Robinson said he had become displeased with the amount of racism in the EDL. Obviously, no one’s denying there are tons of racist idiots in that group, but the fact remains that the group was not founded on principles of…

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Muslim Scholar: The Islamist Trojan Horse Seeks To Change Laws, Wage War To The Death Against The Christian West And Israel

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It’s a fairly long read, but good to see even a Muslim scholar able to somewhat float above the waves of a roaring sea instead of drowning in them …

Revelation 17:11, “As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to destruction.”

By Ali Salim, Gatestone Institute – “With every Middle East country at each other’s throat, the Arab-Muslim world is uncertain of its fate. Some of its totalitarian regimes were toppled in the so-called Arab Spring but they have yet to be replaced by stable governments; the battle for the future of the Middle East is still being fought. The real question is whether the young people, representatives of moderate Islam and secular Arabs who initiated the Arab Spring, will be able to keep the region from being taken over by Islamists seeking to promote…

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