We have seen rising social unrest in Greece due to the EU masters steali9ng peoples voices. We no longer have any democracy Greece and Italian Prime-ministers have been replaced by EU puppets for the federal EU.

The absence of democracy is why Europe has gone pear shape. The EU leaders won’t listen to the people. This elite preisthood will only get stronger and stronger. If you vote for pro-EU parties you are using a democratic vote that eventually will see the death of democracy in Europe.

Power is being removed from sovereign states. Europe is slowly being turned into a hard totalitarianism Soviet model. Politicians won’t give the people a vote on leaving the EU because they put their own careers first. Why does the EU parliament need two parliaments? The accounts for the EU have never been passed. The number one Human Right is the right to determine who we are Governed by but we are no longer governed by British laws but European laws instead.


Making England great again.

The problem with England is we give too much money away. We should stop all foreign aid and stop fighting in wars that are none of our concern. We have a million illegal immigrants who should be easy to find and remove but the fact is someone wants them here. We pay Somali’s to live in million pound homes in London and pay their rents of over £100K a year. Housing benefit should be limited to just £15k a year and no welfare for those who have never worked. We need to end the work shy culture by only giving social and council housing to working people. This would also end the problem of young girls getting pregnant to get a free flat. Sinle mums should be homed in hostels. National Insurance should be a true Insurance policy paying your last wage if you are unemployed and the amount reducing the longer you stay out of work. Too many people don’t bother to look for work because they get their full rents paid – housing benefit should only pay 90 percent up to a maximum of £15k. Why should the work shy be able to live in central London when workers have to commute. We should get out of the EU another institution that costs us too much. We should stop the Human Rights Act. All these savings could then be invested in British manufacturing.

UK out of the EU

A pamphlet published this week by David Campbell Bannerman, a Tory MEP, seeks to argue (against party policy) the contrary. Its title says it all: ‘The Ultimate Plan B: A Positive Vision Of An Independent Britain Outside The European Union.’

Coinciding as it does with the ICM poll findings, his thesis deserves to be studied carefully. Firstly we need to break out of the mindset that anyone who tries to make the case for Britain leaving the EU is mad — or, to judge from the contempt in which such a view is treated on certain BBC programmes, downright evil.

Mr Campbell Bannerman’s strongest argument is that there would be no economic downside to our departure. As the EU sells more to us than we do to it, it would be very much in its interests to enact a free trade agreement with us were we to leave. In 2009, our trade deficit — the excess of what we bought over what we sold — in manufactured goods with the EU was a shade under £35 billion.

Better than that — and here, at last, there is something to be said for the 2007 Lisbon Treaty — such a free trade agreement would not be a matter of conjecture. Article 50 of Lisbon requires the EU to make a trade arrangement with any nation deciding to leave it.

So the claim that there would be inevitable and large job losses is cast into doubt. He also argues that — with the ascent of China, India and Brazil — Britain would do well to leave a trading bloc whose share of world GDP is forecast to fall to 15 per cent in 2020, down from 36 per cent in 1980.

Just as the EU took no account of its role in a post-Soviet world, it seems incapable of understanding how to remain competitive in relation to rising powers such as China.

Britain also enjoys trading relationships elsewhere in the world that are not shared by other EU countries. We send 18 per cent of our exports to the U.S.: Germany sends only 7 per cent. And the biggest external investor in Britain is America.

Mr Campbell Bannerman rests much of his case for leaving the EU on the liberation it would bring from over-regulation of every aspect of our lives — one of the reasons for the EU’s poor competitiveness. He says that more than 100,000 regulations and directives have been imposed upon us since we joined the EU in 1973.

For example, the working-time directive — designed to limit the number of hours we can work, and which is estimated to cost £11.9 billion a year in lost productivity — would go if we left the EU. So, too, would a host of environmental orders such as the EU renewables directive, which insists we derive 20 per cent of our energy from renewables such as wind power, at an estimated £22 billion a year.

The Open Europe think tank reported last year that EU regulations had cost Britain £124 billion since 1998. This figure is not a partisan invention, but based on the Government’s assessments

Why I won’t vote Labour

25 Percent of the Council Tax we pay goes to Public Sector pensions and Union bosses wages.
Labour created loads of none jobs in the Public sector.

Freeloading – most people I know who have been given a free Council House never have worked
since getting a free home. Somali’s get their rents of over 100K a year paid by the welfare state.
A third of Liverpool are on Incapacity benefit – are this number of people really sick?
Irish travelers chose England to live in and  not Ireland – why?

Immigration – Labour had an open-door immigration policy allowing in 2 million people within a decade most asylum seekers have passed through safe lands and are just economic migrants.