The Southern Border: Our Welcome Mat for Terrorists USA

The Southern Border: Our Welcome Mat for Terrorists
We regularly intercept large numbers of individuals from terrorist-sponsoring nations.
By Deroy Murdock

There are at least 7,518 reasons to get the U.S./Mexican border under control. That equals the number of aliens apprehended in fiscal year 2011 from the four nations the U.S. government labels “state sponsors of terrorism” and ten additional “countries of interest.” Since January 2010, those flying into America via these 14 nations face enhanced screening; as the Transportation Security Administration announced, “Effective aviation security must begin beyond our borders.” U.S. national security merits at least that much vigilance on our borders.

The roaring immigration-reform debate this year largely addresses Hispanic aliens who illegally cross the border. Far more worrisome, however, are the thousands who break into America from countries “where we have concerns, particularly about al-Qaeda affiliates,” a top State Department official told CNN.

These include Cubans, Iranians, Sudanese, and Syrians whose governments are federally designated “state sponsors of terrorism.” As indicated by the latest information in Table 34 of Customs and Border Protection’s Immigration Yearbook 2011, 198 Sudanese were nabbed while penetrating the USA. Between FY 2002 and 2011, there were 1,207 such arrests. (These figures cover all U.S. borders, although, as Table 35 confirms, 96.3 percent of detainees overall crossed from Mexico.) Like other immigrants, most Sudanese seek better lives here. But some may be vectors for the same militant Islam that literally tore Sudan in two.

In FY 2011, 108 Syrians were stopped at our borders; over ten years, the number is 1,353. Syria is a key supporter of Hezbollah, and Bashar Assad’s unstable regime reportedly has attacked its domestic opponents with chemical weapons.

As for Iranians, 276 were caught in FY 2011, while 2,310 were captured over the previous ten years. Iran also backs Hezbollah, hates “the Great Satan,” and craves atomic weapons.

The other ten “countries of interest” are Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, and:

Afghanistan: The Taliban’s stronghold and current theater of America’s longest war. Afghans halted in FY 2011: 106. Prior ten fiscal years: 681.

Nigeria: The land of underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab suffers under sharia law in its northern provinces. Respective data: 591, 4,525.

Pakistan: Hideaway of the Pakistani Taliban and the late Osama bin Laden. 525, 10,682.

Saudi Arabia: Generous benefactor of radical imams and militant mosques worldwide; birthplace of 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers. 123, 986.

Somalia: Home of Indian Ocean pirates and al-Qaeda’s al-Shabaab franchise. In October 1993, Islamic terrorists there shot down two Black Hawk helicopters, killed 18 U.S. soldiers, and dragged several of their bodies through Mogadishu’s streets. 323, 1,524.

(For further details, please peruse the spreadsheet attached here.)

At a Capitol Hill hearing last July, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano conceded that terrorists enter the U.S. via the U.S./Mexican border “from time to time.”

The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight last November published A Line in the Sand: Countering Crime, Violence, and Terror at the Southwest Border. As this study explained:

The Congressional Research Service reports that between September 2001 and September 2012, there have been 59 homegrown violent jihadist plots within the United States. Of growing concern and potentially a more violent threat to American citizens is the enhanced ability of Middle East terrorist organizations, aided by their relationships and growing presence in the Western Hemisphere, to exploit the Southwest border to enter the United States undetected.

A Line in the Sand offers chilling portraits of some who treat the southern border as America’s welcome mat.

• On January 11, 2011, U.S. agents discovered Said Jaziri in a car trunk trying to enter near San Diego. Said said that he had traveled from his native Tunisia to Tijuana and paid smugglers $5,000 to sneak him across the border. The French government previously convicted and deported Jaziri for assaulting a Muslim whom he considered insufficiently devout. In 2006, Jaziri advocated killing Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard for creating what Jaziri called sacrilegious drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

• Somalia’s Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane told authorities in 2011 that he earned up to $75,000 per day smuggling East Africans into America. His clients included three al-Shabaab terrorists. As the House report states: “Dhakane cautioned that each of these individuals is ready to die for their cause and would fight against the United States if the jihad moved from overseas to the U.S. mainland.”

• On June 4, 2010, Anthony Joseph Tracy (a.k.a. Yusuf Noor) was convicted of conspiring to slip aliens into America. Tracy told federal investigators that Cuban diplomats used his travel agency in Kenya — Noor Services Ltd. — to transfer 272 Somalis to Havana. They proceeded to Belize, through Mexico, and then trespassed into the U.S. Tracy, who converted to Islam in prison in the 1990s, claims he refused to assist al-Shabaab. But officials discovered an e-mail in which he casually wrote: “i helped a lot of Somalis and most are good but there are some who are bad and i leave them to ALLAH . . . ”

And just remember: These anecdotes and statistics involve individuals whom authorities intercepted. At a Capitol Hill hearing last July, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano conceded that terrorists enter the U.S. via the U.S./Mexican border “from time to time.”


The British National Party is fighting hard in the South Shields parliamentary by-election

The British National Party is fighting hard in the South Shields parliamentary by-election caused by the resignation of Labour’s David Miliband – the grandson of a Communist war-criminal.

The by-election is a result of his leaving our shores to line his pockets still further in the USA. Such loyalty to the voters who placed their trust in him!

We are not going to win the seat, but we have five realistic and really worthwhile aims in South Shields:

1) To show that, even while fighting County Council seats to win, and contesting more than all the other ‘nationalist’ splinter-groups combined, we can simultaneously run a sophisticated, hard-hitting, professional BNP campaign in a full-on snap parliamentary election.

2) To beat the LibDems, thereby piling pressure on Clegg and the Coalition government.

3) To experiment with direct, no punches pulled criticism of Ukip.We don’t fear UKIP. We are confident and up for a fight. We are confronting them head-on in South Shields, where Farage’s ultra-Thatcherite, internationalist policies would spell even greater disaster for local people.

UKIP are an Establishment safety-valve – the darlings of the City of London banking capital. They support shipping our jobs overseas and oppose only EU immigration (for fear of losing the support of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who is married to an Asian). They want to take away hard-won employment rights and favour stealth privatisation of our NHS and the entire school system.

Farage is also being promoted by the anti-British BBC as a way of blocking us and splitting the Tory vote on behalf of Labour. How many times has Farage appeared on ‘Question Time’ and how is he treated?

For all those reasons, and on account of their slavish Zionism we are implacably opposed to Ukip and from now on are going out of our way to expose and stop them.

We are putting in a really serious effort wreck Ukip’s cynical effort to con votes out of our working class support base.

5) To beat the Tories. This is the big ask. But if their vote collapses as it did in Rotherham and ours holds steady, we’ll just be a couple of hundred votes off beating them!

We need to close that gap. Every home in the constituency will get not just one but a second, even harder-hitting full colour leaflet. Every house will get at least two leaflets each.

Our local activists have been out campaigning and speaking with the voters.

They are putting a huge effort in to promote the BNP solutions that Britain needs and keep our flag flying high! Don’t let them down. Show them your support by donating online here now.

We’ve reproduced for you some of our great leaflets above.

Tens of thousands of well-designed and printed publicity material doesn’t come cheap.

We are determined to intensify our campaigning in elections but as always what we spend depends on what you give.

We aren’t fighting elections by going into debt so what we raise is what we spend. The more we spend the better the result will be.

That’s the logic of elections now so, please, give what you can.

You can donate easily online here or by calling 0844 809 4581.

Corruption in Russia run by criminals

On 17 April, in the city of Kirov, begins a trial where I figure as the organiser of a criminal group intent on stealing logs and sawdust from the company Kirovles, as well as 16m roubles. After the cases against Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Pussy Riot, the 16 arrested for the 6 May protest, tens of thousands arrested on falsified cases, non-guilty verdicts that amount to 0.4% of all cases – after all that, the phrase “Kafkaesque trial” seems frightfully banal.

Yes, there’s a chance they will jail me. People have been telling me for four years that they will jail me, and after the start of our “vote for any party, except the party of crooks and thieves” campaign, people started telling me that every 10 seconds. Do I think about it? I do. Do I want to go to jail? No one does. Do Vladimir Putin and Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the investigative committee, dream about sending me to the camps? Actually, what they want most of all is for me to run away. But I’m not going to run away. I’m not going to emigrate. I have a family, two kids – criminal cases have been brought against my mother, my father, my brother; the authorities have carried out searches of nearly all my relatives and many friends. Everything has its price in life.

The investigators listened to my telephone calls and read my emails, where I advised my “partner in crime” Peter Ofitserov to open a Gmail account – that’s how they came to the conclusion that I created a “criminal group” and then tried to hide some sort of financial fraud. There is zero proof. They say: “You stole 16m roubles.” Where do they get this figure from? How did they count it? Neither accounting expertise, nor research of the market has been done to prove that figure – none at all. Of course we will object to all this, will demand new expert studies, will bring our witnesses, but I have no illusions.

There are two options: a suspended sentence or jail. If it’s the first, then that means that they’ve chosen the “Belarusian scenario” in fighting with the opposition: in Belarus, even people who have been found guilty of administrative offences can never run for office. In Russia, an amendment to the electoral law was adopted saying those found guilty of grave crimes cannot be elected. And that’s why they thought up this number of 16m roubles – theft of a rather large amount.

That’s how they solve their pragmatic problem: not to allow Navalny to take part in elections for the Moscow Duma or for Moscow mayor. Plus a ban on travel outside Moscow, so I can’t travel around the country. And then, any other administrative penalty – being detained at a protest and given a 15-day sentence – automatically turns a suspended sentence into a real one. In other words: live at home, don’t get involved in anything, a police baton is constantly hanging over your head.

The second option is a real jail term, which, with what I’m charged under, can reach up to 10 years. I hope it will be a minimum security camp, not a maximum security one. I am ready for this. I’ve prepared myself for it appropriately – I’ve written out my power of attorney, have spoken about it many times with my wife. If they jail me, they jail me. Some will defend me. But, of course, this possibility doesn’t call up any positive emotions.

Why does Putin want to jail me? (I have no doubts that he personally has ordered my case). It seems to me the logic is obvious: he and his circle must guard their power. And to stay in power they have no other mechanism than jailing people – which is what they are doing. I’m not the first and, unfortunately, will not be the last: we must be ready for the fact that they will jail many more people. They’ve stolen billions, they know people are outraged by this, that millions of people share my attitude towards them and they are protecting themselves.

The UK will become a banana republic of the EU.

So why do we owe a living to all these people who have nothing to do with our country?”

That question would be echoed by millions of people who are fed up with being told that they have to take responsibility for an unceasing influx of foreigners to Britain. The forces of mass immigration and European integration have created a profound unfairness in our society. Through the benefits system, the NHS, schools, transport and housing, British citizens are required to support vast numbers of new arrivals who by definition have given little or nothing to our nation.

In Commissioner Andor’s brave new world of absolute free movement, the concepts of nationality and kinship will completely disappear. British taxpayers will owe the same obligations to someone from Budapest as they do to someone from Bolton. No discrimination against Europeans will be tolerated. The British Government will be required to inform foreign nationals fully of their rights to claim welfare, while it will also become easier for pressure groups to launch legal actions if they think any migrants have been victimised.

Commissioner Andor’s plan shows how badly our independence and democracy have been damaged by the EU. Britain once ruled the greatest empire the world has ever seen, yet we are turning into a subjugated province of the Brussels empire.

Rules about benefits and jobs should be decided by our Parliament, not by the EU’s self-serving bureaucracy. Yet it is precisely because of its hatred for the concept of democratic sovereignty that the EU so strongly favours the unrestricted movement of people around Europe. Uncontrolled immigration is the ideal vehicle for destroying nationhood and patriotic allegiances while at the same time advancing the idea of European citizenship in a new federal superstate.

Unrestricted immigration is bad enough now but it will become even more serious next year once people from Bulgaria and Romania are allowed to settle without restraint.

A survey by BBC Newsnight last week showed that around 8 per cent of Romanians and almost 14 per cent of Bulgarians want to come here, a finding that implies the arrival of 2.6 million people from these two countries. That would be an utter disaster for Britain, completely wiping out any recent progress the coalition has made in the reduction of unemployment and the reform of the benefits system.

The cheerleaders for immigration, like Commissioner Andor, say that this is scaremongering.

In their narrative, migrants always boost national economies because they come to work, not to claim benefits.
But such assertions are hollow propaganda. The reality is that unrestricted immigration is highly damaging to the economy.

It drives down wages, lowers living standards, places an intolerable strain on the civic infrastructure and puts millions of indigenous workers on the scrapheap.
Just as importantly, it is a pernicious myth that all migrants are hard-working. In fact, people from migrant communities are on average more likely to be unemployed than Britons.

Only 29 per cent of Somalis and 46 per cent of Bangladeshis are economically active. In total last year at least 370,000 foreign nationals were on out-of-work benefits, costing more than £2billion.

Hang judges for treason.

HUMAN rights judges sparked outrage yesterday when they ordered Britain to hand a dangerous immigrant rapist £1,200 compensation. He won the payout because of a red tape error over keeping him behind bars as the Home Office tries to kick him out. Mustafa Abdi, 38, has already cost the country nearly £700,000 in prison costs and legal aid. He came to Britain from Somalia in 1995 and in 1998 he was convicted of rape and indecency with a child and jailed. He served five years but then instead of being freed he was kept in prison as a danger to the public while successive Home Secretaries tried to deport him. For 10 years Abdi managed to stay by repeatedly challenging deportation orders and filing new asylum claims.Now in a ruling that will infuriate British taxpayers, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has said the UK Government breached his human rights between December 2004 and April 2007 because officials did not carry out the right number of reviews of his detention.

BRITAIN‘S “farcical” human rights laws came under fire again last night after a convicted Iraqi drug dealer dodged deportation because he has a British girlfriend. Hesham Mohammed Ali, who abandoned his two children by different mothers, successfully argued that being sent back to Iraq would breach his “right to a family life”. Asylum seeker Ali, 36, won his appeal against Home Secretary Theresa May after claiming he had a “genuine” relationship with London beautician Cy Harwood, 31. He also claimed his life could be in danger in Iraq because he has tattoos, including one of a half-naked woman. Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money have now been spent trying to deport Ali, who was smuggled into Britain in 2000 and has never been in the country legally.

MPs angrily condemned the ruling as another example of a criminal exploiting the European Convention on Human Rights to stay in Britain. Conservative Priti Patel said: “This case has shown that the controversial Article 8 – ‘the right to a family’ life – is an utter farce. The law should be clear, if you commit a crime you will be deported. “The British public look to British laws to deport foreign criminals who are in the UK. With human rights laws demolishing Britain’s justice and immigration controls, we need urgent changes to the way it affects our ability to deport these dreadful criminals who go out of their way to undermine the British way of life.”