Sharia Law

Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan all have Sharia Law and these countries are the most violent on earth. Sharia Law is a theocratic system (top down) with somebody being appointed as Allah voice on earth. All the Muslims want to be top-dog so they will compete to be the most violent and warlike. Democracy is a bottom-up system – Fanatical Muslims use democracy but once they achieve power they change the system to a totalitarian one. We have seen leaders like Saddam and Gadaffi toppled but these leaders knew how to keep the Muslim fundamentalists who want Sharia down.

The West seems to be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Eqypt against their struggle with the army who came to power after a coup d’etat.

The Muslim brotherhood believe in Sharia Law and support Hamas and Al-Qaeda. There are whole areas now in Yemen under Al-Qaeda control. Bin Laden’s family where Yemeni’s.

Sharia Law believes that women only have 0.25 of a voice compared to men thus if a women is raped she needs at least 4 other women to come forward. Women who have been raped are often forced to marry the rapist. Other women who say they have been raped face being stoned to death. Women that don’t wear a Burka often have the bottom of their noses cut off. Sharia Law also crushes young boys arms who have stolen loafs of bread or saws of peoples arms or legs for stealing etc.

Sharia Law says a man can have many wives and because Mohammed married a six year old girl – Islam thinks pedophilia is OK.

We know have over 80 Sharia courts in the UK – inch by inch we a giving in to militant Islam.

please educate yourself what Sharia means. The Normans kicked out the Muslims from Italy.


Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda are Sunni Muslims. In Iraq under Saddam the minority Shia population ruled over the majority of people who were Suni’s. After America captured Saddam, Al Qaeda blew up a Shia Mosque to start a civil war in Iraq. The same is now happening in Syria – Al Qaeda is fighting with the rebels – yet our leader talk about Arming the rebels. When Afghanistan was invaded by Russia the CIA and SAS trained the Mujahadeen to fight them. The Mujahadeen evolved into the Taliban fighters.

Hang traitors.

Taliban Prisoners of War at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan have got British solicitors fighting for their freedom using Legal Aid ( Tax payers money) . Ordinary British people can’t get legal aid to help with small claims cases etc.

Any solicitor helping terrorists like the Taliban or Abu Qatada have committed treason and should face the death penalty by hanging as did the terrorists who killed the soldier in London.

Plight of Syrian women refugees

Women refugees from Syria are turning to prostitution or being sold by their families to rich Arabs. Doesn’t Islam care about the plight of women? Islamic countries need to adopt a welfare system and embrace feminism. Rich Muslims are supposed to give ten percent of their earnings to help the poor, so why don’t the rich Arabs do this. It seems it falls on countries like the UK and USA to send foreign aid to Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan – yet the Muslims still hate us.

BNP key things to be done.

– We will put British people first in their own country,


– We demand British jobs go to British workers,

– We say NO to an EU superstate, and YES to keeping Britain free,

– We will stop paying foreign aid and give that money to pensioners,

– and we will bring British troops home from Afghanistan.


Enough is enough! The BNP is the only genuine alternative to the old parties, that’s why the media lies about us all the time.

Giving Talibans asylum in the UK

How many countries do you think there are between England and Afghanistan? Well, it all depends. As the drone flies, there’s Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France.  If you prefer the scenic route, there’s Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands. Not in any particular hurry? Then you could always try diverting through Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. I’m told Prague is very pretty at this time of year. Certainly, if you were making your way the 3,500 miles to Britain by road, you’d have to pass through at least half a dozen sovereign countries before you reached the English Channel. We know that Zareen Ahmadzai travelled here by lorry from Afghanistan in 2010. So he must have crossed some of those countries.

Under international law, anyone seeking asylum is supposed to apply in the first ‘safe’ country they arrive in. Yet Ahmadzai failed to lodge any  application until he was discovered holed up at an address in Wolverhampton.

It was only after he was arrested as  an illegal immigrant that he appealed to  a tribunal on the grounds that his life would be in danger if he was returned to Afghanistan. Back home, Ahmadzai was a Taliban fighter, like his father, a commander who was shot dead during a battle against U.S. troops in Helmand Province. He admits firing Kalashnikov rifles and rockets and killing people. But he fled the country and now claims he would face death or  torture at the hands of both the  Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces. Which is why he legged it to Wolverhampton.

We are not told why he chose Wolverhampton, in particular. He doesn’t even speak English. As an Afghan Muslim, surely he would have felt more at home in neighbouring Pakistan, or Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.  Perhaps he felt these countries were a little too close for comfort. But nor are we told why Ahmadzai did not apply for asylum in, say, France or Turkey, as he was required to do under the international convention long before he arrived in the Black Country. I think we can accurately assume the answer is that he knew of Britain’s reputation as one of the world’s most benevolent safe havens for terrorists. Perhaps word had reached him of the way in which Al Qaeda leaders, African torturers and assorted genocidal maniacs are indulged by the British courts.

He headed here because he knew he would receive a sympathetic hearing and the chances of him ever being deported were close to zero.