Terror attack in London.

A man has been killed in a machete attack and his two Muslim assailants shot by police in Woolwich, south-east London.

The government is reported to be treating the assault as a suspected terrorist incident and the prime minister said it was “truly shocking”.

Footage has emerged showing a man wielding a bloodied meat cleaver and making political statements.

Local MP Nick Raynsford said the dead man was a soldier at Woolwich barracks but this has not been confirmed – he was wearing a help for heroes T-Shirt.

The ITV film shows a black man, dressed in a grey hooded jacket, saying: “We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

He added: “I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.”

The two Muslim Jihadists who were shot were chanting “Allah Akbah” and also filming the attack on their mobile phones. They used a car to knock the soldier down before decapitating him with a meat cleaver.


Cost of EU Membership

Direct and Indirect Costs of the EU

Estimates of the true cost of the EU are difficult to come by. MPs have called many times for a cost-benefit analysis, to prove or disprove the benefits of membership. Successive Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have refused, on the grounds that the “benefits” are self-evident. In truth they are afraid of what such a study would show. The Bruges Group finally produced an authoritative study in 2008.

The total gross cost to the UK of EU membership in 2008 they estimate at around £65,000,000,000* – including:

£28 billion for business to comply with EU regulations,

£17 billion of additional food costs resulting from the Common Agricultural Policy

£3.3 billion – the value of the catch lost when the Common Fisheries Policy let other countries fish in our territorial waters

£14.6 billion gross paid into the EU budget and other EU funds. (In 2011 this had risen to £19 billion)

It gets worse each year. Used better, this sum could transform the UK – increase pensions, recruit more doctors, nurses, teachers and police, build advanced transport systems and start paying off the national debt.
U.K. has run the biggest trade deficits with Norway, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Netherlands. The biggest trade surpluses were recorded with United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
Therefore Germany needs us more than we need them.

Don’t trust the Tories.

The Conservatives are to publish a draft parliamentary bill for an in-out referendum on the UK’s European Union membership, in an effort to head off growing anger among the party’s MPs.

Many Tory backbenchers are unhappy that no such proposal was included in the Queen’s Speech and will try to amend it during a debate on Wednesday.

But David Cameron says he will instead speed up his plans to bring in a bill.

The Conservatives promise a referendum in 2017 if they win the next election.

Most Tories, Labour and Lib dumbs M.P’S want the UK to stay in the EU.

We don’t need a referendum we need out.

Only the BNP won’t have a referendum they simply will exit the EU.

Housing benefit to help those who work.

It is wrong that somebody who earn £24K a year in London still gets help towards their rent through Housing Benefit. People should be encouraged to live in properties where they can pay the full rent out of their wages. It is the taxpayers who are subsidizing them to live in expensive London boroughs. The reason for the housing shortage in London is because it was a magnet for all the illegal immigrants. If we sent the bogus asylum seekers and illegal immigrants back  they would be no shortage of affordable places to rent. Those of us with mortgages get no help in times of unemployment all we get is our mortgage interest paid putting us in debt or having to borrow money from family to pay the mortgage.

When will we get a referendum on EU membership

English: DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Ca...

English: DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 – David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, United Kingdom, speaks during the session ‘Rethinking Government Assistance’ in the Congress Centre of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 29, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Cameron has given his clearest hint yet that he will back a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the EU if the Tories win the next election.

He said there will be opportunities for the British people to give “fresh consent” to the UK’s EU membership.

Closer economic ties between eurozone countries “will give us opportunities for changing our relationship with Europe“, he said.

However, he added he thought it was not in Britain’s interest to leave the EU.

The prime minister has faced calls to back an in/out referendum from his own MPs, 81 of whom rebelled against the party line last year to vote for a referendum.

Some Conservative MPs fear the UK Independence Party – which has long campaigned for the UK to leave the EU and for the public to have their say in a referendum – could lose the party seats at the next general election if Mr Cameron does not take a more Eurosceptic stance.

A sensible immigration policy is required for the UK.

The UK should not grant asylum to economic migrants who have passed through safe lands and then claim asylum when they get to the UK. The UK is allowing these migrants to make numerous appeals and not deport them strait away as most of the British public want. We should allow in any migrant who can support themselves financially for 5 years and who has health insurance and a job to be allowed into the UK. No migrants should be given social housing or benefits until they have worked for at least 5 years.

Time to leave the EU basket case?

Britain now exports more to the rest of the world than the EU

Thursday July 19,2012

By Alison Little

BRITAIN sent a defiant message to Europe yesterday after it emerged our trade is booming with the rest of the world.

We are exporting more goods to non-EU countries than those in the economic bloc for the first time in 40 years, figures showed.

It delivers a crushing blow to the Euro-­fanatics who insist that we can’t survive without Brussels – while boosting the ­Daily Express’s Crusade to quit the EU.

Senior Tory MP Douglas Carswell said last night: “These trade figures point to our ­future outside the European Union. We thought we had joined a prosperous common market. It’s turning into a basket case. We need to be where the growth is – outside the EU.”

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said growth in Asian markets coupled with the crisis in the eurozone are key factors in Britain’s trading picture.