Muslims attack white youths in England

slamic horror in Ashton-Under-Lyne – Video

A highly evocative mobile phone video has been circulating this week; filmed on the 8th June, it shows a gang of Muslims attacking English youngsters on the streets of Ashton-under-Lyne.

Muslims attack white youths in England

The 70 second video makes for painful viewing, especially as it is alleged that before the filming had started one of the Muslim youths punched one of the girls in the face.

Unsurprisingly, this video has not made the controlled news, and the local police are currently refusing to confirm whether they are taking any action over this attack, although sources have reported that police sent a text message out warning parents to keep their children away from the area.

Counter-terrorism ‘expert’ Ghaffar Hussain has said:

“This incident will most likely turn out to be a local petty squabble between gangs of youths with too much time on their hands.

“There could be a racial dimension, however, it is highly unlikely the religion is a motivating factor for either side.”

But that’s what we’d expect from the rotten Establishment, but we in the British National Party are all too aware of the facts – and the sooner our people wake up and recognise them too, the sooner we can set about making things better.

The truth of the matter is that these young people are anti-social and aggressive because of Islam – it’s written in their book and Allah demands it!

This is the darkness and evil of Islam.

Remember, Lee Rigby, our young off-duty British soldier run over then hacked to death with a meat cleaver on the streets of Woolwich by African Muslim converts in broad daylight?

What next?

The banks of the long-foretold River of Blood are swelling to full.

None of the other political parties have any solutions because they created the problem!

Only the BNP has the fortitude and conviction fix Broken Britain and bring Hope to the beleaguered British people.

We must be ready to channel the righteous anger of the British people into organisational growth and effective political resistance, and deal with the Islamist menace by first removing the treacherous political class that brought this terrible fate to bear on our nation.

The policy of mass immigration carried out by the political class was never mandated by the British people.

It is a genocidal agenda to destroy the British people, our nation and our identity.

We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to provide our people with the political leadership and Hope they so desperately need.

It’s imperative that we are prepared and able to reap the full political and organisational rewards for all the years in the wilderness, for all the persecution we’ve endured and all the sacrifices so many of us have made, and continue to make.

Because despite the controlled media bias against us, the BNP is at the frontline of the British resistance, and despite all the attacks on us by the corrupt political class, the persecution from their political police force and the lies and smears made against us by the controlled media, the British people know one thing – they can trust the BNP!

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He hates us and has never worked.

Britain poised to explode – Video

Woolwich! Out of all the horrors created by mass immigration, it’s been the most effective wake-up call the British people have ever had.

People really are waking up. They want hope, they want answers; they need the BNP!

Hate Preacher Choudary says Lee Rigby will ‘burn in hellfire’
Enough is enough – BNP say Hate Preachers Out NOW!

All the activists who’ve already been out with our ‘Hate Preachers Out’ campaign have found the same thing. BNP National Organiser Adam Walker, who led one of the dozens of teams who were out with hard-hitting, specially produced leaflets just days after the brutal ritual slaughter of Lee Rigby, explains:

“We handed out 6,000 leaflets in central Newcastle in just a couple of hours.

“The response was just amazing. People were queuing up to take our leaflets and to congratulate us for standing up and telling the truth.

“Our message is in two simple parts: A call for immediate action against Islamist terror and a simple explanation of why it’s not just enough any more to stop immigration – the whole disaster has got to be reversed and undone.

That’s the only way to avoid those long-foreseen but now very close at hand ‘Rivers of Blood‘.

The first step is to grab the attention of the public with a call everyone already agrees with: ‘Hate Preachers OUT!’

That’s the simple and very popular demand on all our petitions, leaflets, banners and online campaigning.

Having got their support on something they already agree with, we’re then giving the public one shocking fact that most don’t know: that many mosques are running martial arts classes in which young Muslim men are taught how to fight and kill with vicious knives just like those used to butcher that poor unarmed young soldier.

When I think that Lee Rigby was exactly the same age as my own son; that his little boy is just a few months older than my grandsons, it really brings home the full scale of the horror and tragedy of Woolwich, and the vile, inhuman nature of the enemy within.

The fact that one of the killers was a convert from a family of African Christians also highlights better than anything we can say the fact that this isn’t just a problem of Islamic ‘extremism’ or even of Muslims – as with so many appalling crimes against our people, the problem is immigration FULL STOP!

As people wake up and we bring them in, we will be working hard to teach them the bigger picture: about the people who opened the mass immigration floodgates, and why!

First, though, we need to achieve a maximum reach for the simple, straightforward appeal that so many people already know they want to hear: ‘Hate Preachers OUT!’

I’m sure it makes your blood boil as much as mine does when we see bearded Muslim fanatics spouting anti-British hate and glorifying the murder of Lee Rigby on our streets.

I’m sure that you, like me, share the frustration of millions of decent Brits like us over the failure of the entire political elite simply to round these Muslim monsters up and throw them out.

Not just the foreign-born ones, but the ‘British’-born traitors such as Anjem Choudary too.

That’s the first message we need to get across.

DDOS attack on Britain First website

Fellow patriot,

Last week we issued a public declaration to carry out a ‘citizen’s arrest’ on the man who inspired both of the Woolwich terrorists who butchered Lee Rigby.

This was carried by the Sun and Daily Mail newspapers in massive two page spreads!

We gave the police up until 6pm on Wed to arrest him or we would!

At 2pm on Wednesday the metropolitan police swooped in and removed him and his entire clan and took them into ‘protective custody’ (pictured below right).

Can you believe that?

Anyway, our actions have at least removed this venomous creature from our streets for now and he is now cowering in fear hiding from our righteous anger…..RESULT!

However, following this we suffered a massive DDOS (dedicated denial of service) attack which has taken our very effective website down – we are working hard to get it back up but it is a major attack on us.

Britain FirstThis week ordinary people have been spurred into action and via our campaigns we have clocked up some remarkable victories.

Firstly, we engineered a campaign victory in Radstock, South West England, where the flag of St. George was banned by the Labour Partythanks to YOUR complaints, this decision was reversed…..RESULT!

Then we had the news, today, that the proposal by a housing association in the North West to force a local patriot to remove an English flag from his door has been dropped thanks to thousands of Britain First supporters sending an avalanche of complaints…..RESULT!

These are campaign victories that have dealt a blow to the forces of political correctness and made our country a better place.

It was all done by YOU….thank you.

Britain First is on the rise, but our recent burgeoning of support and our numerous victories have drawn the attention of some unsavourily cyber criminals.

Unfortunately, these cyber warriors have subjected our popular website to a DDOS (dedicated denial of service) attack that crashed our server outright.

We are now working around the clock to tighten up on security and to get our website back online!

Please be patient, as we are trying our best to get it back online.

In the meantime, please visit our popular Facebook page to keep updated on events.

Britain FirstOver the last week, our Facebook page has been viewed in some way or other by around 7million people – yes, you did read that right, and we have over 470,000 talking about the campaigns right now, can you imagine it!

Now you know why they are desperate to shut us down: our ‘coverage’ is far greater than that of the BNP or EDL and that’s exactly why they are desperately trying to shut us down now we are making serious headway.

We need YOUR help right now to re-direct everyone onto facebook until our website is up again, so please spread the word and share this email.

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Together we shall overcome, we will never bow to intimidation or threats, not now, not ever!

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

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More welfare cuts on the way.

The Work and Pensions Secretary has personally contacted the Defence and Home Secretaries to set out the details of the proposed cuts after they raised concerns about the impact on national security of further spending reductions.

Mr Duncan Smith is understood to have offered to restrict housing benefit for the under-25s, and to limit state payments to families with more than two children.

Both proposed cuts were publicly floated by the Prime Minister last year, but were thought to be off the agenda during this Parliament.

The discussions over further welfare cuts took place before last Wednesday’s suspected terror attack in Woolwich, which is expected to lead to renewed pressure on the Treasury to protect security spending.

We should not be cutting welfare but stop Foreign Aid altogether which has been ring fenced. Most of our Aid money goes to dictators or helping Muslim countries which are our enemy. We should use the money that we spent on Foreign Aid to deport preachers of hate like Anjem Choudray linked to radicalising many young Muslims in the Uk including the terrorists who killed a British soldier.

If you want Sharia then why not emigrate.

RADICAL Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary is using a chain of children’s sweet shops owned by his wealthy brother as a vehicle for bringing about his dream of an Islamic revolution.
Leaflets encouraging parents to adopt Shariah Law are being distributed at innocent looking stores called Yummy Yummy, which were established and are overseen by Anjem’s elder brother, Yazdani.

The shops sell lemon bonbons, kola cubes, aniseed balls and tasty apple laces, while also offering leaflets to parents and children that state it is time for an “Islamic Revolution”.

Two Victorian-style shops have already opened in east London, while a third is planned within weeks.

One of the shops in New Road, Whitechapel, is on the same site raided by police 18 months ago following a Sunday Express investigation which identified it as the headquarters of Anjem’s prayer and preaching circuit.

Leaflets lying on the stores’ counters yesterday included a batch from a group called “Women4Shariah”, an outfit linked to Anjem Choudary.

The leaflets, which contain disturbing images of women and children suffering and grieving, are advertising a conference next month that will assert it is “Time for Revolution”.

Video broadcasts at the conference will include speakers from Pakistan, Indonesia and Syria, the literature says.

Other Choudary-linked organisations such as Muslim Prisoners and Islamic Revolution are also advertised prominently on the shop’s leaflets.

A Women4Shariah Facebook page is also highlighted on which taunts are made about the slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich on Wednesday.

Less than 24 hours after his murder, a statement on the page was added, saying: “Muslims should not play the victim and be cornered by the media or feel obliged to condemn or distance themselves from something they not responsible for.


Fellow patriot,

Britain FirstThe Ministry of Defence has named the soldier who died in the Woolwich attack yesterday as 25-year-old Drummer Lee Rigby.

Colleagues say the father of a two-year-old was an “extremely popular and witty soldier.”

Can you believe it: because of this heinous attack, this noble soldier has left behind a two-year-old son…doesn’t it make you sick!

Britain First is at present planing a major campaign in reaction to this tragedy.

I am a native of South East London, and grew up not too far from where this attack took place, in Woolwich.

Today, I took the opportunity to visit the scene of this horrendous attack to lay a wreath on behalf of Britain First and our supporters.

Please watch the video below and then take the opportunity to sign our national ‘DEPORT MUSLIM EXTREMISTS! – R.I.P WOOLWICH SOLDIER’ petition and help to spread the word:


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Terror attack in London.

A man has been killed in a machete attack and his two Muslim assailants shot by police in Woolwich, south-east London.

The government is reported to be treating the assault as a suspected terrorist incident and the prime minister said it was “truly shocking”.

Footage has emerged showing a man wielding a bloodied meat cleaver and making political statements.

Local MP Nick Raynsford said the dead man was a soldier at Woolwich barracks but this has not been confirmed – he was wearing a help for heroes T-Shirt.

The ITV film shows a black man, dressed in a grey hooded jacket, saying: “We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

He added: “I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.”

The two Muslim Jihadists who were shot were chanting “Allah Akbah” and also filming the attack on their mobile phones. They used a car to knock the soldier down before decapitating him with a meat cleaver.