Asylum , Illegal immigation and Foreign Aid.

This UN-backed Millennium Village project — to which Britain is now contributing millions of pounds for the first time — began in 2004 and encompasses half a million Africans.

It is designed to prove that targeted aid can lift such places out of poverty in just five years. But the scheme is facing mounting accusations that it is a waste of money, and is doing less to help rural Africans than it claims.

According to the project’s documents, the business plan reveals ‘total direct costs’ are expected to be £17.2?million and that the goal is ‘substantial poverty reduction’ for up to 2,250 households.

This means spending more than an astonishing £7,500 per household. To put this in perspective, this is 34 times the average annual income of households in the region.

The British Government — desperate to find ways to spend its soaring aid budgets — is handing over £11.5?million to this vainglorious venture.


Britain granted asylum to more people than any other European Union country last year, official figures revealed yesterday.

Some 14,360 immigrants were given asylum within the UK in 2011, compared with 13,045 in the second highest country, Germany, and 10,740 in third placed France.

The figure was the third successive rise in successful claims in the UK and an increase of 41 per cent since 2008.

Refugees fleeing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repressive regime in Iran made up the largest group granted asylum in the UK, with 1,985 given protection status in 2011.

Another 1,160 came from Sri Lanka and around 1,020 from Afghanistan, the figures from Eurostat, the statistical wing of the EU, revealed.

The number of people granted asylum in the UK has grown steadily in the last four years, from 10,200 in 2008 to 14,360 last year.


He calls himself ‘Fahruddin’ and is the Mr Big of a multi-million-pound people-trafficking operation that every year smuggles 5,000 migrants from all over the world into Britain from northern France.

Ten days ago, three young Turks paid him a total of £9,500 to be put on a lorry and taken by ferry to Dover.

A few nights later, 21 migrants from Afghanistan and Iran made the same trip and earned Fahruddin nearly £50,000.

And then on Tuesday, he promised to smuggle a 29-year-old Turkish girl (along with two Chinese couples) from Dunkirk to Kent if her relatives deposited a large sum of cash with a fixer-colleague at a small supermarket in Wood Green, North London.

Fahruddin, an Iraqi-Kurd who successfully claimed asylum in Britain in 2007, in his early 20s, is making huge amounts of money as a people-smuggler, operating out of a makeshift camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk.

The smugglers have devised a simple trick to escape such checks. They wrap migrants in a cold, wet blanket or put ice cubes in their clothes so the warmth of the body is not detected by the equipment.

Tracked down, for example, the three Turks who paid Fahruddin £9,500 to get to England ten days ago. They had reached his camp after a 2,000-mile journey in a vegetable lorry from Gazientep, a Turkish city near the Syrian border.

They are now part of the rapidly growing Turkish community in Britain, which tops 500,000 in London alone.

The trio included a young husband and wife, aged 27 and 24, who are now settling in Hackney, East London.


Giving Talibans asylum in the UK

How many countries do you think there are between England and Afghanistan? Well, it all depends. As the drone flies, there’s Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France.  If you prefer the scenic route, there’s Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands. Not in any particular hurry? Then you could always try diverting through Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. I’m told Prague is very pretty at this time of year. Certainly, if you were making your way the 3,500 miles to Britain by road, you’d have to pass through at least half a dozen sovereign countries before you reached the English Channel. We know that Zareen Ahmadzai travelled here by lorry from Afghanistan in 2010. So he must have crossed some of those countries.

Under international law, anyone seeking asylum is supposed to apply in the first ‘safe’ country they arrive in. Yet Ahmadzai failed to lodge any  application until he was discovered holed up at an address in Wolverhampton.

It was only after he was arrested as  an illegal immigrant that he appealed to  a tribunal on the grounds that his life would be in danger if he was returned to Afghanistan. Back home, Ahmadzai was a Taliban fighter, like his father, a commander who was shot dead during a battle against U.S. troops in Helmand Province. He admits firing Kalashnikov rifles and rockets and killing people. But he fled the country and now claims he would face death or  torture at the hands of both the  Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces. Which is why he legged it to Wolverhampton.

We are not told why he chose Wolverhampton, in particular. He doesn’t even speak English. As an Afghan Muslim, surely he would have felt more at home in neighbouring Pakistan, or Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.  Perhaps he felt these countries were a little too close for comfort. But nor are we told why Ahmadzai did not apply for asylum in, say, France or Turkey, as he was required to do under the international convention long before he arrived in the Black Country. I think we can accurately assume the answer is that he knew of Britain’s reputation as one of the world’s most benevolent safe havens for terrorists. Perhaps word had reached him of the way in which Al Qaeda leaders, African torturers and assorted genocidal maniacs are indulged by the British courts.

He headed here because he knew he would receive a sympathetic hearing and the chances of him ever being deported were close to zero.

The fall of empires.

Empires tend to collaspe because they invent sysyems that act detrimental to the empire this is one of the reasons Rome fell.

In Britain we have the following systems destroying our country.

Granting Asylum to every economic migrant who has passed through safe lands.

A welfare system that encourages the feckless and freeloaders especially single mothers and large families.

A housing system that can be bypassed by saying you are homeless you get a free council home.

A data protection act that stops the DHSS investigating fraud and job applications by the unemployed.

Tax loopholes including off shore banking.

A country ruined by being a member of the EU who has never had an account passed. We have lost our fishing industry etc

The EU costs us millions of pounds per day and we have had to bail out Ireland and Greece who should have never been allowed to join the Euro.

Teachers who can’t remove bad pupils from class rooms.

A welfare system that rewards single mothers with free flats and large freeloading families with free large council homes.

A system where everybody who works with a mortgage is taxed to pay for civil servants pensions and taxed to pay the rents and council taxes of dole freeloaders.

A country that pays foreign aid to our enemy’s and countrys that don’t need our money. We should put the English first and stop all foreign aid and fighting wars on foreign soil.

International law says that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. Yet we allow illegal immigrants to enter the UK and when they are caught they claim asylum. The Home Office wants to deport the illegal immigrants but the immigrants often get a friendly judge who argues they should have the right to remain because of their human rights. We need to sack these judges who are destroying the UK.

The Stupid Data Protection Act

Today I got a Tax credits form and they wanted to know how much I had earned in the last financial year. I phoned up working tax credits yet they could not tell me the amount due to Data Protection Act. How stupid is this when I can give them my National Insurance number and password I created?

The Data Protection Act also makes it impossible for DHSS staff to see if people have applied for jobs – some people I know just write down job numbers off the Direct Gov web site yet never apply for any jobs.

Greek tax evasion.

Greece is losing 13 billion euros annually to tax evasion and corruption. One of the prime culprits of tax embezzlement are tax collectors.

According to a report by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the Greek state is losing 13 billion euros annually in tax evasion and corruption. In spite of increased taxes that have been imposed through Value Added Tax, property tax, taxes on petrol and central heating oil, and other taxes which are collected directly through spending, tax evasion through business remains rife. The situation is exacerbated by corrupt tax officials who embezzle a percentage of fines imposed on those who fail to pay their taxes. Nikos Lekkas, head of investigations at Greece’s anti-fraud squad, claims only 20 percent of fines are collected, 40 percent written off, and 40 percent embezzled by tax officials. (Naharnet) Considering the amount of time the tax office spends on strike, rather than on tax collection, it is not surprising that tax evasion is rampant.

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Children a right or a social responsibility.

Couples who work and have children tend only to have small families because they can only afford a certain size home on the wages they get. Yet our perverse welfare system pays a single mum the same in welfare as a couple would get if they earned 23K between them. The single mum gets a free council flat with rent and council tax paid. The single mum then gets child benefits, tax credits and job seekers allowance. Feckless freeloading couples who choose not to work and just breed large familes are given free large council houses ( they could never afford a house this big if they had to get a mortgage.) . We have seen Somali families with no skills being housed in expensive areas of London all paid by welfare.

The last few days have been spent learning, researching and understanding all about the cultivation of cacao right from the tree to the bean.

As I am shown round some of the local cacao farmers’ fields, I begin to understand how cacao needs to be cultivated and harvested to obtain high quality cacao, which will ultimately influence the taste of fine chocolate.

Looking at the cacao tree, it is hard to imagine that the world’s favourite delicacy starts from here.

The main cacao variety grown in this area is CCN-51, which stands for Coleccion Castro Naranjal, where 51 stands for the cross number of this variety. The CCN-51 is a clone introduced from Ecuador. About 80% the cacao production in the region of San Martin is CCN-51 variety.

This specific variety was mainly introduced as an alternative crop to coca because of its high productivity levels. In comparison to…

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