We need to get the Muslims out of Europe.

The sad fact is the Muslims in Europe are out breeding us. They have only come to Europe as Economic migrants exploiting our soft asylum systems and open borders that now exist in the EU. iSLAM is not compatible with the west – they believe in female genital mutilation, honour killings and keeping women down. We should not be getting involved in Syria just stand back and let the Muslims kill each other they are doing a good job of this. All Europeans need to unite together to drive these Muslims from our lands. Islam only seeks one thing and that is to dominate. Just look where Islam has been in Eqypt the statues of the Pharoes are defaced by Islam. Many Budha‘s also destroyed by these savages. What have they given to the world in the last 500 years? Muslims don’t invent technology, medicines or anything. The Arabs are only rich because white people found oil under their lands.


So true and sad.

“My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe,” Wilders, founder and leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, said at the “Europe’s Last Stand?” conference, organized by the American Freedom Alliance.

Wilders described that Europe’s inner cities “have come to resemble Northern Africa and the Middle East” because they are ruled by Islamic Sharia law, noting that Islamic areas border the European Union headquarters in Brussels and that “largely Islamic suburbs” surround Paris.

“Europe is in a terrible state,” Wilders said. “Bit by bit, European countries are losing their national sovereignty.”

Meddling marxist EU again.

Britain is being taken to court by the European Commission for allegedly discriminating against EU nationals who claim social security in the UK.

Ministers are accused of discriminating against those from EU member states who have been living and working in the UK.

It is alleged an extra residency test applied by the UK to see if migrants are eligible to claim breaches EU law.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he planned to fight the commission “every step of the way”.

The EU has a standard test that is supposed to be applied by countries to determine a migrant’s eligibility for welfare payments.

But the British right-to-reside test goes further and restricts access to a number of social security benefits that would otherwise be available to those coming to the UK from another EU member state.

The commission believes the UK is breaking EU law and alleges thousands of people may have been unfairly denied benefits as a result.

Consequently, it plans to take Britain to the European Court of Justice – an action that could take years to complete.

But Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith accused the commission of trying to “water down” measures to protect British taxpayers.

Cost of EU Membership

Direct and Indirect Costs of the EU

Estimates of the true cost of the EU are difficult to come by. MPs have called many times for a cost-benefit analysis, to prove or disprove the benefits of membership. Successive Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have refused, on the grounds that the “benefits” are self-evident. In truth they are afraid of what such a study would show. The Bruges Group finally produced an authoritative study in 2008.

The total gross cost to the UK of EU membership in 2008 they estimate at around £65,000,000,000* – including:

£28 billion for business to comply with EU regulations,

£17 billion of additional food costs resulting from the Common Agricultural Policy

£3.3 billion – the value of the catch lost when the Common Fisheries Policy let other countries fish in our territorial waters

£14.6 billion gross paid into the EU budget and other EU funds. (In 2011 this had risen to £19 billion)

It gets worse each year. Used better, this sum could transform the UK – increase pensions, recruit more doctors, nurses, teachers and police, build advanced transport systems and start paying off the national debt.
U.K. has run the biggest trade deficits with Norway, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Netherlands. The biggest trade surpluses were recorded with United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
Therefore Germany needs us more than we need them.

Don’t trust the Tories.

The Conservatives are to publish a draft parliamentary bill for an in-out referendum on the UK’s European Union membership, in an effort to head off growing anger among the party’s MPs.

Many Tory backbenchers are unhappy that no such proposal was included in the Queen’s Speech and will try to amend it during a debate on Wednesday.

But David Cameron says he will instead speed up his plans to bring in a bill.

The Conservatives promise a referendum in 2017 if they win the next election.

Most Tories, Labour and Lib dumbs M.P’S want the UK to stay in the EU.

We don’t need a referendum we need out.

Only the BNP won’t have a referendum they simply will exit the EU.

Time to exit the EU every day is one day too long.

PRESSURE on David Cameron to pull Britain out of the European Union intensified dramatically last night after Lord Lawson became the latest senior Tory to convert to the cause.
The peer, who was Margaret Thatcher’s longest-serving Chancellor, said the UK economy would be better off by the country cutting its ties to Brussels.

He later accused Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of talking “poppycock” for suggesting that quitting the EU could cost up to three million UK jobs.

Lord Lawson’s intervention – adding to the snowballing support for the Daily Express’s crusade for Britain to leave the EU – emboldened fellow Tories to speak out. Backbencher Bernard Jenkin said the EU was “past its sell-by date”, calling Lord Lawson “absolutely right”.

And former minister Sir Gerald Howarth called for an immediate referendum on Britain’s EU membership, saying: “We need to do something now.”

Writing in yesterday’s Times, Lord Lawson welcomed Mr Cameron’s decision to hold an in/out EU referendum by 2017 as a crucial chance for voters to have their say after huge changes in the country’s relationship with Brussels since the 1975 poll on Common Market membership.

He wrote: “The very nature of the European Union, and of this country’s relationship with it, has fundamentally changed after the coming into being of the European Monetary Union and the creation of the eurozone, of which – quite rightly – we are not a part. That is why, while I voted ‘in’ in 1975, I shall be voting ‘out’ in 2017.”

The UK will become a banana republic of the EU.

So why do we owe a living to all these people who have nothing to do with our country?”

That question would be echoed by millions of people who are fed up with being told that they have to take responsibility for an unceasing influx of foreigners to Britain. The forces of mass immigration and European integration have created a profound unfairness in our society. Through the benefits system, the NHS, schools, transport and housing, British citizens are required to support vast numbers of new arrivals who by definition have given little or nothing to our nation.

In Commissioner Andor’s brave new world of absolute free movement, the concepts of nationality and kinship will completely disappear. British taxpayers will owe the same obligations to someone from Budapest as they do to someone from Bolton. No discrimination against Europeans will be tolerated. The British Government will be required to inform foreign nationals fully of their rights to claim welfare, while it will also become easier for pressure groups to launch legal actions if they think any migrants have been victimised.

Commissioner Andor’s plan shows how badly our independence and democracy have been damaged by the EU. Britain once ruled the greatest empire the world has ever seen, yet we are turning into a subjugated province of the Brussels empire.

Rules about benefits and jobs should be decided by our Parliament, not by the EU’s self-serving bureaucracy. Yet it is precisely because of its hatred for the concept of democratic sovereignty that the EU so strongly favours the unrestricted movement of people around Europe. Uncontrolled immigration is the ideal vehicle for destroying nationhood and patriotic allegiances while at the same time advancing the idea of European citizenship in a new federal superstate.

Unrestricted immigration is bad enough now but it will become even more serious next year once people from Bulgaria and Romania are allowed to settle without restraint.

A survey by BBC Newsnight last week showed that around 8 per cent of Romanians and almost 14 per cent of Bulgarians want to come here, a finding that implies the arrival of 2.6 million people from these two countries. That would be an utter disaster for Britain, completely wiping out any recent progress the coalition has made in the reduction of unemployment and the reform of the benefits system.

The cheerleaders for immigration, like Commissioner Andor, say that this is scaremongering.

In their narrative, migrants always boost national economies because they come to work, not to claim benefits.
But such assertions are hollow propaganda. The reality is that unrestricted immigration is highly damaging to the economy.

It drives down wages, lowers living standards, places an intolerable strain on the civic infrastructure and puts millions of indigenous workers on the scrapheap.
Just as importantly, it is a pernicious myth that all migrants are hard-working. In fact, people from migrant communities are on average more likely to be unemployed than Britons.

Only 29 per cent of Somalis and 46 per cent of Bangladeshis are economically active. In total last year at least 370,000 foreign nationals were on out-of-work benefits, costing more than £2billion.