English riots 2011

Of those who have ended up in Court due to looting, 47 percent are White, 47 percent are black and 7 percent are Asian. These figures prove that a disproportionate amount of the rioters were Black. Blacks don’t make up 47 percent of the population of England.

Government spending UK


Other ways your tax money is being wasted are:-
Putting Balkan war criminals in our jails – £5 million per year.
Cost for each Asylum seeker – £18,000 each per year.
Anti terrorism measures – £19 million per year.
Legal Aid to asylum seekers – £138 million per year.
Taking Sangate asylum seekers – £21 million. [£100,000 per day]
Cost of hereditary peers suing the Government – £70 Million.
Extra Adjudicators needed – £38 million a year.
Extra Court staff needed -£5 million per year.
Foreign Aid – this is in billions of pounds to India, Pakistan etc.
Welfare to Work scheme – £2.5 billion so far.
Giving 14 Taliban’s Asylum – £88,200 pounds per year
Taliban Super grass – £17 million and asylum costs
540,000 immigrants – £2.5 billion per year.
Building new homes – £10 billion .
Treating immigrants on the NHS – £1 billion per year.
Educating immigrants – £368 million per year.
Law and disorder costs – £unknown?
What tax payers will have to find due to immigrants pouring in -£122 billion
Low paid workers face – 12.5 percent increase in National Insurance payments.
Administration costs for asylum over last two years = £3.5 billion.
Cost of building Trident, £40 billion.
Cost of keeping Trident, £1.5 billion per year.
Cost of no-fly-zone over Iraq, £1 billion per year.
Cost of Iraqi war £75 million per day
Projected cost of new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, £10 billion.
Monies set aside for British contribution to the latest war effort, £1.75 billion.
Annual subsidy to British arms exports, £420 million.
Amount spent by British government so far on war, £420 billion.
Fraud on individual learning accounts – adult skill retraining – £100 million.
Millennium Dome – £15 million per year.
Who wants to be a Millionaire Court case – £2 million.
Extraditing the Hook handed Hamza – £2 million plus.
Clarence House Refurbishment – £4.5 million.
Deporting 30 Afghan economic migrants – £2.5 million.
Deporting all illegal Afghan immigrants – £100 million plus.
Cost of Translation services for migrants – £100 million plus each year
Promoting music, ballet and dance in schools – £50 million


M.P’s pay and perks – £178 million
Natural environment enjoyment – £95 million.
Refurbing Audit commission offices – £80 million
Financing Gypsie sites accross UK – £38.4 million
Aid to be distributed via EU – £1.6 billion
Reducing povety in Asia (which is seeing economic growth) – £1.3 billion
National measurements office – £148.7 million
Aid to sub saharan Africa – £2.5 billion
pensions for judges – £267.3 million
pensions of whitehall civil servants – £14 billion
Royal pensions – £5.6 million
Historic buildings including royal palaces -£37 million
Royal travel accross the globe -£11.5 million
Kew Gardens -£68.3 million
Natural England QUANGO – £442 million
2011 census – £87 million.
£1 in every £5 paid in Council Tax pays for civil servants pensions.
£111 million in consultants and outsourcing.
£635,000 on taxis and chaffeur driven cars
£75,000 on a sculpture bought by theHome and Communities Agency
£84,000 on BUPA for officials
£12,975 HPA flower bill

EU fines UK £150m for not advertising ERDF

The accounts also reveal how Labour:

* Paid £1.2million in bribes to people who never even set foot in Britain
* Gave repatriation grants to migrants from wealthy countries – including the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
* Lavished thousands on teaching foreign preachers about life in ‘multi-cultural’ Britain
* Sent Afghans on year-long holidays to see if they would like to go home permanently
* Bribed Poles to go home in the same year their country joined the EU, meaning they became eligible to immediately return to the UK
* Handed almost £50,000 to the Ukraine to build a ‘migration advice centre’ n Wasted £25,141 on a cancelled project to support ‘artisans’ in Afghanistan
* Paid £68,235 to China – an industrial powerhouse – to strengthen its migration controls.

British aid money was used by an African dictator to buy a £30million jet, it emerged last night. Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni bought the top-of-the-range Gulfstream G550 private plane in the same year ministers gave his poverty- ravaged country £70million.

During the same period Uganda also received around £57million from the UK through the European Union. The autocratic 67-year-old leader – currently facing criticism for launching a violent crackdown against protesters demanding an Egyptian-style uprising – received the cash under the Labour government in 2008-09.


Cost of war in Libya – £1 billion so far.



£8.1 billion a year FOREIGN AID

£250 MILLION TO SOMALIA by 2015 – the most corrupt nation on earth.

£185 million to BURMA


£90 MILLION TO YEMEN BY 2015 – the government turn a blind eye to terrorism.

BRITAIN poured a colossal £18.5billion into EU coffers last year – the equivalent of more than £50m a day.

The staggering figures – £730 for every British household over the 12 months – were revealed yesterday in the Government’s annual accounts.

They show that the UK’s gross contributions to the European Union juggernaut of excess climbed by 5.7 per cent between 2009 and 2010.

The astonishing revelation, which will infuriate millions of hard-pressed taxpayers. The accounts also reveal that gross receipts – payments from Brussels to Britain – shrank thanks to Tony Blair’s surrender of the UK’s rebate from the EU.

THE Government has splashed out nearly £750,000 on tickets to the London Olympics, it emerged .

NICK Clegg was criticised yesterday after pledging more than £5million in British cash to help the economies of Arab Spring countries, including Egypt.





IMF £9.2 BN

But there has been no public outcry over the scandal of the £12 billion NHS computer scheme that was scrapped this week. No howls of anger at the latest botched and bungled technology project. No impassioned debates at party conferences over the grotesque failures that are costing the country a fortune. The Public Accounts Committee described a plan to create a network of regional fire stations as a ‘complete failure’ that cost taxpayers at least £469 million.

Government now employs more than six million people, 25 per cent of all the country’s workers and, thanks to Gordon Brown, 600,000 more than 10 years ago. Brown also left behind a budget deficit of £170billion a year. Worse still, the unfunded public sector pensions bill amounts to £1.2trillion, equivalent to 85 per cent of our GDP, or £20,000 for every person in Britain.

Britain will donate an additional £814 million to vaccinate more than 80million children against diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea, David Cameron announced today.

Tories have increased Foreign Aid budget.

FOREIGN AID – We give millions in Foreign Aid to India yet they can send men into space and afford Nukes. Indian company’s are major donors to the Labour party – they have got rich thanks to trading Carbon footprints due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in the UK under Labour. Pakistan also gets foreign aid yet they too can afford nukes.

Somalia is given aid despite their pirates attacking our ships, Yemen gets aid even thoough they fund terrorism. Zimbabwe also gets aid but most of this goes straight into Mugabe’s bank account not the poor people it is intended for.

In 2008/09, the UK government gave £5.5 billion in international development assistance. £3.3 billion of this was bilateral aid and £2.2 billion was multilateral aid. Bilateral aid goes directly to developing countries and multilateral aid is provided to international organisations (including charities) to support their activities within developing countries.

Labour spent £170 million on Foreign Aid to China – the world’s third largest economy.

Britain’s payments to EU coffers are also set to go up drastically as the budget rebate that Mrs Thatcher negotiated in the eighties is obliterated. our net contribution will rise from £6.4billion this year to £8.3billion next year, rising to £10.3billion by 2015.

Britain is to double aid to countries of conflict like Afghanistan and Yemen. The Department for International Development currently spends £2 billion of its £6.7 billion budget on supporting war torn regions. By 2015 this sum will be £4 billion.

Already hard-pressed British taxpayers faces some of the largest direct and indirect tax rises in recent history, as petrol prices reach record highs and many families set to pay inextra tax of at least £2,800 extra each year.

The tax increases are supposed to be necessary to “balance the government’s deficit” but in reality the ConDem regime has increased expenditure on foreign aid and the war in Afghanistan. European Union membership has also seen of the sharpest rises in a number of years, while the ongoing cost of the immigration and asylum swindle, estimated by MigrationwatchUK to be of the order of £13 billion per year, continues full steam ahead.

EU’s supposed maximum: 60% GDP
Gordon Brown’s target maximum: 40% GDP
Present UK GDP £1410 billion
Official Govt debt £890 billion
(63% of GDP)
BUT the following liabilities should be added: billions
Unfunded public sector pensions £1,283
Local Govt. pension deficit £53
Unfunded state pensions £2,717
Lloyds/RBS debt £2,585
PFI debt (capital only) £38
Network Rail debt £23
Nuclear decommissioning £45
Other debts £239
So the ultimate debt is: £7,873 billion
560% GDP!
In 2000 it was £2,289 billion – 231% of GDP

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