Six men from the West Midlands have been jailed for up to 19-and-a-half years each for planning to bomb an English Defence League rally.

English Defence League

English Defence League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six men from the West Midlands have been jailed for up to 19-and-a-half years each for planning to bomb an English Defence League rally.

Omar Khan, Jewel Uddin, Mohammed Hasseen, Mohammed Saud, Zohaib Ahmed and Anzal Hussain had all admitted terrorism offences in April.

Five of them had taken a bomb, knives and sawn-off shotguns to last June’s rally in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

But the plotters arrived two hours after the EDL event had ended.

The men, who all lived in or near Birmingham, were caught by chance after a car being used by two of them, and carrying weapons, was stopped by police on the M1 after the rally and found to have no insurance.

‘Horrible weapon’

At the Old Bailey, Khan, Uddin and Ahmed were sentenced to 19-and-a-half years in jail, with a five-year extension on licence.

Hasseen, Hussain and Saud were jailed for 18 years and nine months, with a five-year extension on licence.

Extended sentences, introduced in England and Wales last year, mean offenders serve at least two-thirds of their main sentence in custody. After release, they are on licence in the community for the rest of their sentence plus the extension part.


The Labour party experiment.

OBSESSED with the ideology of diversity, our political masters have not only allowed the immigration rate to reach more than 500,000 arrivals every single year, but also have refused to demand that newcomers accept the British way of life.

Instead immigrants have been encouraged to cling to their own cultures and customs.

During their 13 years of misrule, Labour was particularly enthusiastic about enforcing this destructive strategy, partly through their instinctive loathing for their own country, which they liked to portray as outdated and racist, and partly through their desire to expand their client army of supporters, given that 80 per cent of immigrants vote Labour.

What is so tragic is that a party of the Left, trumpeting its supposedly liberal credentials, should have pursued a policy that is so fundamentally illiberal. Labour’s fixation with identity politics and mass immigration had led to the import of deeply reactionary, anti-democratic, superstitious tribalism on an epic scale.

There is nothing liberal about what is now happening in many of our inner cities. Tower Hamlets in east London, where white Britons make up just 30 per cent of the population, has seen patrols by Muslim vigilantes who have attacked women for dressing “inappropriately” and put up stickers declaring the area “a gay free zone”.

The same spirit of misogyny can be also be seen in the growing number of sharia courts, which treat women as second-class citizens, and in the gangs of Muslim men in such places as Oxford, Telford and Derby, preying on young white girls. The same collapse of liberal values can be seen in the urban breakdown of democracy.

Fraud perpetrated by ethnic minority “community leaders” and politicians is now rife, helped by lax rules on postal voting introduced by Labour.

At the same time political correctness has fuelled the thuggish far-Right as seen last weekend in the English Defence League marches in Newcastle and London.

Freedom of speech is also in danger, thanks to the constant threat of violence from Islamic extremists at anything they regard as blasphemous.

In this disturbing climate of fear, where publishers can be firebombed and writers subjected to fatwas, self-censorship about Islam is almost universal.

It is the same story with the principle of equality before the law. In the cowardly world of political correctness, double standards are rife. Christians are regularly subjected to institutionalised bullying over the symbols of their belief, yet the state bends over backwards to accommodate other faiths.

Similarly, the state does nothing to stop Muslim extremists such as Anjem Choudary spouting often violent slogans but would not dream of tolerating such hate speech in others.

The destruction of liberalism also works on a deeper level.

Precisely because the multicultural experiment is failing so disastrously, the machinery of the state is now used to enforce the official orthodoxy and suppress dissent.

The UK Nationalist problem.

English Defence League

English Defence League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are too many Nationalist groups in the UK.

We have the British Freedom Party BFP

We have the British Peoples Party BPP

We have the British Nationalist Party BNP

We have the English Defence League EDL not a political party but have links with BFP

We have the English Democrats and the campaign for an English parliament

We have Britain First formed from ex BNP members

We have the Scotish / Welsh and Irish Nationalists

We have the English Nationalist party

The problem as far as I can see is when more than one of these party’s put up for election in the same ward they split the Nationalist vote and thus let in the pro – EU Con/Dims or the Labour (Libor party) back into power. None of the 3 main party’s will ever get us out of the EU, put British workers first, stop immigration and foreign wars and foreign aid and invest in British manufacturing etc.

At the Next Election disgruntled Liberal Guardian readers are likely to vote Labour so Labour will be back in power. Then our National debt will increase as they borrow more and create more none jobs in the public sector. Labour opened the doors to mass immigration so to create a multi-cultural society and rub the rights nose in diversity. They know that most of their seats are in the big cities where immigrants tend to outnumber English people as white flight has caused the English to leave due to fear of crime etc.

The wards in England are not distributed fairly if they where then every ward would serve the same number of people. We could opporate parliament with 50 fewer M.P’s to make it more efficient. If we had true democracy we would have a PR system not first past the post that encourages tactical voting. Only a few seats determine who wins the next election these are where the party’s have roughly the same share of the votes. The conservatives can never win in a city like sheffield that is mainly full of council houses.

The main problem in the UK is people can leave school with no qualifications and breed and get a much bigger social house than they could get if they went to college and worked and got a mortgage.. The system will always pay their rents and council tax and never expect for them to work if they have children. In fact the DHSS can’t check if you have applied for jobs due to the data protection act.

Police state

England’s New Totalitarian Police Force

By Paul Weston

Video 1 of police incompetence and far left/Islamic violence:

OFFICIAL EDL – EDL Walthamstow 01/09/12

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(Video 2 can be seen at the end of this update.)

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech died in Walthamstow on September 1st 2012. This was the date that Britain officially became a Police State.

After weeks of negotiation between the English Defence League and police liaison officers our democratic right to hold a peaceful outdoor meeting was trampled on by Britain’s ruling totalitarian class.

Whether this was due to police incompetence or politicised senior policemen taking their orders from David Cameron’s government is unclear, but the end result was the same – democracy died.

The EDL meeting had been arranged well in advance. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and Paul Weston  were scheduled to speak. Hundreds of supporters from all around the country had made the sacrifice of time and money to travel to London to hear them.

But the British police had other ideas. An advance team from the EDL arrived early in the day and set up the speaking platform, generators and PA system. The three speakers also arrived early with a small security team of six men.

The total number at the speaking area numbered twelve men and three women. The police then allowed a growing number of Muslims and UAF to assemble at a distance of only twenty feet from us.

As their numbers grew, so did their violence. When there were about 200-300 of them the violence began in earnest. Bottles, bricks, sticks and coins started coming down on us. The faces of the so called religion of peace and their leftist Useful Idiots were contorted in hate and blood lust.

Then they charged the police lines. Our small contingent backed up against the railings and waited for the inevitable. No matter how well trained the security team was, there was little to be done against hundreds.

But the police line held,  just. After the first attempt to lynch us had been temporarily held back, Kevin Carroll asked the senior police officer present why this violence was allowed; why nobody had been arrested and why all the cameras present were trained on us under a barrage of bottles and bricks rather than on the people actually throwing them.

The officer replied it was “unsafe” to arrest anybody in such a hostile environment!  But the hostile environment was entirely of their own making in allowing such numbers of clearly violent people to get so close to us.

Meanwhile, the main EDL contingent, numbering between  400-500 had been kettled in a side street about 1,000 feet from  us.

As the Islamic/ leftist alliance tried to break through the police line again, we were told the situation had become uncontrollable and the meeting was cancelled. We were then escorted away from the stage and down to the main EDL contingent.

At this point the police officer in overall control informed the EDL ranks that the meeting was off, that they would be escorted back to the tube station or face immediate arrest. Rather than turning on the police this is exactly what the peaceful EDL boys did.

The three speakers plus the security team were escorted out of Walthamstow in the two vehicles they had arrived in, but not before the UAF photographed the number plates. The police refused to confiscate the film, despite knowing the security implications of addresses linked to the owners’ names.

The main EDL contingent were then kettled for several hours without water or toilets, including one pregnant woman who was clearly in physical distress but who was told in no uncertain terms that she was not going anywhere to throw up.

After several hours EVERYONE was then searched for “offensive weapons” and had their personal details noted by the police. Many were arrested and taken to various parts of London where they were then “de-arrested” and told to make their own way home.

This did not happen in Nazi Germany nor Communist Russia. It happened here, in London, in England.

Our democratic right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of speech were removed from us.

The police allowed a small group of us to be attacked with potentially deadly bricks and bottles for over an hour.

The police didn’t arrest a single person carrying out these acts of violence.

The police kettled a peaceful group of EDL supporters for hours and withheld water and toilet facilities.

The police arrested many of them on false grounds and then “de-arrested” after taking them to various parts of London.

Why was this done?

It seems pretty clear to me. Whilst Muslims and leftists can behave with criminal impunity, the EDL has come under serious attack from the State via the police. They will close us down by any means possible, no matter that in doing so they breach our democratic rights, Human  Rights and even  more to the point acted ILLEGALLY. False imprisonment and a blatant disregard to upholding law and order in a politically biased manner are matters of great concern.

England has become a very unpleasant place. It is now a Police State. If you disagree with the prevailing opinion you can be attacked by those who disagree with you and the only people arrested will be you.

This is an appalling situation. The London Metropolitan Police behaved not just in a shameful manner – they behaved in a real, totalitarian Police State manner. These are dangerous times. If peaceful protest against a serious and growing threat is removed from the people, then the people will eventually protest violently.

And if we do, we will be imprisoned. Which I think is the deliberate intention. David Cameron and his police enforcers have now officially declared war against their own people.

There will be many who read this who will say “so what, we disagree with you so we don’t care”. Well, you should care. When the State becomes totalitarian  it does not stop there. Everybody suffers eventually. If you believe in democracy and freedom you should start to demand answers as to why the police were allowed to behave in this fashion and EXACTLY WHO gave them the orders to do so.

Two final points. First, the EDL leadership spent all night on their mobile phones trying to sort out transport for EDL supporters stranded in London. Second, the EDL rallying cry is “No Surrender” and the whole point of the police behaviour in Walthamstow was to force you to surrender via intimidation and inconvenience.

Our future is threatened in a truly terrible way. Don’t let intimidation and inconvenience force you into defeat. Our immediate ancestors died for this country. We are entering the early stages of another confrontation and you must not allow our treacherous elites to intimidate you.

OFFICIAL EDL – EDL Walthamstow 01/09/12 – Video 2

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No Surrender really means No Surrender. They are not just words. We are not going away. We are not going to give in. We are not going to be defeated.  WE ARE NOT GOING TO SURRENDER.


EDL Newsletter July 2012

Killing a Kafir who is fighting you is OK. Killing a Kafir for any reason, you can say, it is OK – even if there is no reason for it. You can poison, ambush and kill non-believers. You must have a stand with your heart, with your tongue, with your money, with your hand, with your sword, with your Kalashnikov. Don’t ask shall I do this, just do it.

Abu Hamza al-Masri. (Egyptian born British Cleric)

Welcome to the July Newsletter,  We once again bring you, ‘On the Demo Front’ and ‘Breaking News’.    We again ask you to dig deep into those purses and pockets and buy us a pint.  The price of a pint or two is not much to ask to help fund the fight against extremist Islam.  We  still need to finance a security team and protection for Tommy whilst he is in Sweden.  Last time Tommy was in Scandinavia, all the important counter-jihad leaders and speakers had security teams except for Tommy who had to rely on Geert Wilders security team to get him safely out of Aarhus in Denmark.   So please, help Tommy and help to keep him safe in the most Islamised country in Europe and give as generously as you can.  Every pound counts.
If you don’t feel like buying us a pint, then why not treat yourself to an EDL shirt or some other item.  Come and browse and see what takes your fancy.  Profits from sales go to help in the funding of the EDL.

On The Demo Front

Bristol 14/07/12

On Saturday the 14th, the EDL made their way to Bristol to take the message about Islam and Islamisation of Britain and the effects of Islamic teaching on grooming and rape of vulnerable non-Muslim girls.  Earlier, Osman warnings were given to two of the organisers and a bomb threat (a hoax as it turned out) made.  The UAF once again decided that the law didn’t apply to them and tried to desperately stop the coach companies from carrying the EDL to Bristol, by posing as the police and telling the companies not to carry the EDL.  It didn’t matter for nearly 800 people made their way by whatever means at their disposal and arrived for the demonstration.  The UAF once again were ever present and despite a plea from the EDL not to have the two demonstrations in line-of-site, the police duly allowed the UAF to get within sight of the EDL which led to much taunting and stone-throwing on either side.   The EDL protest was by and large peaceful whilst the UAF despite pleas from the local Muslim community were intent on violence.  Martin Smith, the Socialist Worker member and and UAF leader was seen being dragged away under arrest by the police.

The EDL had met with the local Muslim community and explained why they were there and both sides came to some mutual understandings.  For once the EDL did not have to contend with Muslim youth trying to get involved.  It is a first for the EDL and for the Muslim community.  As we are constantly reminding people, we are not against Muslims, but against the political and legal aspects of Islam which are being imposed on us.  We hope that this will lead other Muslim community groups to engage with us.   It should be noted that the UAF were given the same opportunity to meet with the same Muslim community but declined, preferring to ignore the people they are supposed to be ‘defending’.  It was not lost on the Muslim residents of Bristol.
Although there arrests, most of these were from the UAF.  The EDL were well-behaved in the face of abuse, intimidation and violence from the UAF.   The usual speeches were made, which can be found here:!!

Chelmsford 21/07/12

On Saturday 21st of July, the local Essex Division of the EDL held a flash demonstration in Chelmsford to voice opposition to the building of a mosque in the Victoria Road area of Chelmsford.  30 members of the EDL gathered at the Shire Hall with a strong police presence.  There three arrests made on alleged race crimes.

Keighly 04/08/12

The Yorkshire Division are organising a demonstration in Keighly in protest at the Islamic grooming and rape gangs that are operating in the area.  If you can get there please come and show your support.  Let us show the people of Keighly that we care enough to voice their fears and concerns for them.

Walthamstow 18/08/12

Later, in mid-August we shall be going to protest in Walthamstow.  This is the town that Anjem Choudhary and his MAC followers have declared will be a shariah zone – an Islamic emirate within the borders of the Great Britain.  We will be there to let them know that it will never happen on our watch.

Walsall 29/09/12

This one is for the diary.  It’s a little way off.  We shall be taking our message to the streets of Walsall later in September.  We have more details nearer the date including why we are going to Walsall, so pencil it in and watch this space.

Breaking News

A Victory for a Community – Bulls Head Pub Mosque project in Stockport Stopped.

In Stockport, local businesses and residents got together to oppose the development of the Bulls Head public house in Stockport.  The change of use from business to place of worship had not been followed properly, but the local council were due to give it the green light until the local community led by the EDL stood in opposition and despite the usual diatribes from the local Labour councillors about the EDL being racist, the people of Stockport held their ground and made it plain in no uncertain terms that they didn’t want the mosque on business grounds, traffic issues and other related problems that it would cause the local businesses and residents.  The people gained much support through the facebook group Stockportsaysnotothebullsheadmosque, where 800 people signed up in support.  Local councillors were told plainly that they would lose support if the application went through.  On Wednesday 18th July the council decided not to give permission and on the Thursday the application was withdrawn.  This is a victory for commonsense, the people of Stockport and the EDL.  The people of Stockport now see the EDL in a very different light.  Well done to all the EDL people involved for their efforts and well done to the local residents and businesses.

Protest in Sweden by SION.

As was mentioned last month, the EDL will be in Sweden in August to lend support to the SION (Stop the Islamisation of Nations) alliance and peacefully protest the Swedish surrender to Islam.  We will be there to highlight the refusal of Western nations to accept that Islam is a problem and is not just restricted to one or two countries, but to the whole world.

Kev Carroll to Stand for Police Commissioner for Bedfordshire!

We are pleased to announce that the EDL Joint Leader and British Freedom Party co-Vice Chairman Kevin Carroll is to stand for Police Commissioner for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Kevin has strong views on policing and amongst other things will be campaigning for:

• An end to cuts in the police service.

• Substantial improvements to pay and conditions of officers on the street, who are at the sharp end of crime and disorder in Britain.

• An end to political correctness, which is forced on officers by their politicised superiors, diverting time and energy to ‘hate speech’ and other trivial offences whilst dangerous criminals go free.

• An end to ‘two-tier’ policing. There should be no special favours for minority groups, criminals should feel equal force of the law – British law, not Sharia Law or any other kind of alien law.

• Strong policing of anti-social behaviour that blights the lives of many families.

• No more police time wasted on manning speed traps.

• A crackdown on the dealing of hard drugs to young people.

• Proper enforcement of the law against alien practices such as female genital mutilation.

• Rigorous policing of all areas where crime is suspected, regardless of ‘cultural sensitivities’. Paedophile gangs must NEVER AGAIN be allowed to operate with impunity as they have in Rochdale and Dewsbury.

For Kevin’s candidacy, we need to raise a deposit of £5000, and are asking members and supporters to give what they can, so that British Freedom can begin making Britain’s police service properly accountable to the law-abiding majority who pay for it.

Read More & Donate Here >>

A Muslim problem.

They have arrested a few dozen groomers from a handful of gangs, spoken of them giving young girls cigarettes and vodka, and referred to them as ‘Asians’.

They should have arrested thousands of these perverts from the gangs operating in scores of our towns and cities.

They should be highlighting the link to the heroin epidemic.

And they should be pointing out that theirs is not an ‘Asian’ crime – Sikh and Hindu girls are targets too – it is a MUSLIM one.

Only when these things are done can the problem really be dealt with for good.

Social workers to take baby from former EDL mother.

SOCIAL workers want to seize a baby as soon as it is born because they are concerned about the mother’s violent links to the English Defence League.


Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she would pose a “risk of ­significant harm” to the baby. Social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views and want it put up for adoption immediately.


Yet the U.K allows children to live with Abu Qatada.