Pakistani Immigrants Living In Salford Guilty Of Rape And Keeping Deaf Slave In Cellar

Kafir Crusaders

An evil unscrupulous family of Pakistani immigrants have been found guilty of keeping a deaf girl as their slave for over 10 years at their Salford home.The Ashars brought the deaf girl to the UK from Pakistan when she was aged 10 as their slave, keeping her locked in a dirty damp cellar. The victim was made to cook and clean for the wicked family and taken to the houses of other Muslims to do their housework also.

Ilyas Ashar treated the girl in the way Muslims have treated their slaves though out history right back to Mohammed dreaming the cult up. He saw the slave as not only there for domestic reasons but also as his sex slave. Taking it as his entitlement to repeatedly rape her. Its like some horror version of Cinderella but without the Prince Charming and happy ending.

The Muslim duo not only kept her as…

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