E-fit Of ‘Asian Attacker’ Wanted For Sex Attack On Woman Aged 60

Kafir Crusaders

The filthy scumbags committing rape-jihad up and the UK are destroying this country from the inside out. The frequency of British females or in some cases lately males being randomly attacked by Muslim sex offenders is rising at a seriously alarming rate. The nature of the sex attacks is also been changing with the Muhammadans getting more brazen taking exceptional risks for a cheap sexual thrill. No longer is it only lone females walking home after dark who are being targeted. They are forcing their way into 60 year old women’s homes and violating them where they should feel safer than anywhere as in this attack. Or attacking random women on their way to work in broad daylight and many other scenarios you wouldn’t expect it to happen.

They don’t care if they are caught as long as they satisfy their twisted Islamic sexual urges. Its no wonder British prisons are overflowing…

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