New York Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, smile in photo-op amongst Muslims waving terror flags

The Muslim Issue

al-Qaeda’s terror flags flying high in New York with NYPD standing naively next to it, seemingly clueless. Time for the police to be added into in-depth training courses on Islam, Islamic culture, and the tell-tale signs of extremist affiliations.

A Muslim Day Parade in New York without a high pile of decapitated kafir heads? They must feel so out of place. And the spectators must have felt confused seeing a parade without any music or fun. Welcome to the death cult of Islam. Fun is screaming for Allah while promising to die for him and terrorising anyone who don’t want to acknowledge him.

You got to feel sick to your stomach looking at this footage below. The dream goal for Muslims belonging to conservative groups (the beard, the burka, the black terror flags) is to once and for all make America fall. Mass immigration and infiltration on all levels…

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