Ban the Burka

, a judge ordered a Muslim defendant to take off her full-face burka to give evidence in court.

But, in a case that turned British legal tradition on its head, he said the Muslim woman could retain the burka for all other parts of her trial!

The judge rightly said that allowing her to keep her burka on during the entire trial would, “drive a coach and horses through justice administered in England and Wales for centuries.”

Recently, a college in Birmingham banned Muslim students from wearing religious veils because of fears regarding security, but after a barrage of protests from politically correct groups the school backed down.

After pressure, the Birmingham college climbed down and ‘modified’ the ruling against veils, hoodies and hats, which had been brought in to ensure students were always “easily identifiable.”

Now, a huge political controversy is brewing with front page stories being published on newspapers such as The Sun.

Britain First is resolute on this issue: we feel the burka has no place in our society, in any way, shape or form.

The burka, niqab or veil, is a symbol of the oppression women face under the medieval 7th century barbarism of Islam.

Britain FirstThroughout every Muslim country across the world, women are second class citizens, facing discrimination at work, in public, and have little rights, and face especially restricted rules and regulation in countries such as Saudi Arabia….where is the global feminist outcry?

Under Islam, women face restrictions, draconian laws, widespread genital mutilation, complete lack of freedom, expression, and non-existent status in law….where is the global feminist outcry?

In Muslim countries, the average women never works, is married in early teens, is not allowed out in public showing skin, cannot work or drive, and is the personal PROPERTY of her arranged husband, all enshrined in law….where is the global feminist outcry?

It is, by our western, Christian standards, a form of modern SLAVERY, and that is the exact word that Winston Churchill used to describe it!

The Britain First movement is implacably opposed to the outward manifestations of the Islamic bigotry against women, namely the burka, niqab or veil.

We stand intractably opposed to the burka adrian, we feel:

Britain FirstIt is time to BAN the burka in schools, courts and hospitals.

Britain FirstIt is time to BAN the burka in airports, banks and other secure areas.

Britain FirstIt is time to BAN the burka in shopping centres and in public.

The French caused controversy back in 2011 when they moved to ban women from wearing the burka in public….but the move had the support of the French people!

Britain FirstAt the present time, France, Belgium and the Netherlands have either partial or full bans in place already.

It is time Britain took a stand for the freedom of women and sent a message to Islam that its barbarism isn’t welcome on our shores, by banning the burka, the niqab and the veil without hesitation and immediately!

Britain First has launched a ‘BAN THE BURKA!’ petition that is attracting thousands of signatures.

Our recent ‘DEPORT MUSLIM EXTREMISTS!’ petition attracted over 26,000 signatures and is on the waiting list to be handed into 10 Downing Street.

We want to do even better this time, and we need your help adrian to make this happen!

I want you to sign the petition by clicking the link below, but that is not the important part!

Britain FirstAfter signing, you will be redirected to a special page that allows you to share the petition on Facebook and Twitter…a single simple share on either of these social platforms can result in HUNDREDS of new signatures, maybe even thousands, and YOU have that ability today my friend.

Please save the image at the top of this e-bulletin and share it on Facebook and Twitter!

Please share, share and share some more…there is no reason to worry, polls show that around 80% of the population want the burka banned, so spread our petition around as far and as wide as you possibly can!

I would like to thank you in advance adrian for your help in spreading the word about our campaign…please click below to begin:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First

Britain First
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Britain First

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