Maaloula: The battle for Syria’s ancient Christian Village continues (Video)

Nice Deb

In this RT broadcast, it is reported that government forces have succeeded in ridding most of the town of the rebel Jihadist fighters, but snipers remain at hotel that stands on a cliff  that overlooks the village. As the news team tried to exit the town, their vehicle was fired upon, and they had to take cover in an ally where dozens of Syrian soldiers have also taken cover. One of the soldiers gets hit in the head with shrapnel.

Note that one of Obama’s  partners in the fight to oust Assad has planted the black al qaeda flag on one of the buildings.


Another report from today in Syria:

Who to root for when both sides are bad?


Residents Of Christian Village Besieged By Al Nusra Front Send Letter To Congress Urging Them Not To Allow Obama To Bomb Syria…

On September 6, the residents of Ma’loula…

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