Exiled Ribal al-Assad: “We Should NOT Be Arming Syrian Rebels”

Taking Back America

Published on Jun 29, 2013

More than 100,000 people have died and millions have been displaced in Syria’s two-year long conflict, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shows no inclination to step down, nor, do the Islamist groups show any signs of giving up violence.

Ribal al-Assad, Mr Assad’s first cousin, says he does not expect the Syrian leader to leave the country of his own accord.

“He’s gone too far,” Ribal al-Assad, founder of the Organisation for Democracy and Freedom in Syria, told the BBC’s Katty Kay.

But he warns the US and other Western countries should reconsider supporting the rebels in order to avoid facilitating a fundamentalist take-over in the country.

He goes on to say that the rebels who are fighting the Syrian government troops known as the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and the ‘Supreme Military Council’ are made of ONLY Islamist Salafi groups. He mentions that a recent…

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