Remembering 9/11 And 1,400 Years Of Endless Muslim Brutality Throughout History

The Muslim Issue

Can someone please explain to us what Obama is doing with the fake tears and bent head at the 9/11 ceremony today? Haven’t we seen enough?

It is ISLAM and Muslims who have been the largest contributing factor to wars, death, horrors, slaughters, invasions, slavery, and looting in our history. 9/11 is only one of 1,400 years of Muslim savagery on our nations, people, safety and lives. People’s memory of our history with Islam has faded, and now the very aggressors are on our very doorstep, demanding to come in.

Few go back to remember the earlier terrorism we have endured as a result of the indoctrinated war teachings of ‘prophet’ Mohammed. There are no memorials or remembrance days for all the victims of Islam through the centuries. The enormous volume of victims to Muslim savagery through the ages with slavery, invasions, torture, rape, random attacks, provocations and genocide committed…

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