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Please, just for 45 seconds, sit still and read this very, very carefully….please, this is VERY important adrian.

Once upon a time invasion by military force could decide the fate of a nation and people – now it is invasion by immigration and conquest by the cradle that is engulfing our Country.

All the while we’re told to pat ourselves on the back and offer praise to how “enriched” we now are.

Native (white) British now make up only 80% (86% including white non-British) of the total population – that’s down from 91% (which includes white non-British) since 2001.

After thousands of years, London is finished as a British city!

Cities across our nation all mirror the same pattern: native British are dwindling whilst the numbers of so-called ‘ethnic minorities’ increase.

Only 87% of those on the 2011 census are UK born.

37% of people living in London are foreign born.

By far the greatest majority of foreign born (50%) arrived here between 2001-2011 (years after 2011 weren’t released by the ‘Office for National Statistics’).


Britain FirstIndia, Poland, and Pakistan – in that order – top the table for non-UK born now living here.

In 4% of households in England and Wales not one member speaks English as a main language.

Ethnic minority populations, particularly Muslim and Third World, have increased at an astonishing rate.

Looking to the maternity wards, we see the highest fertility rates among Muslims and those of the Third World who have been imported into this land.

Depending on which figures we accept – for the purposes of this email we’ll take the lowest estimate from the Pew Forum – Muslims have children at a rate of 3 for every 1.8 for non-Muslims.

Other estimates put it far higher.

The Pew Forum predict that the gap will close – but even their extremely conservative figures put Muslims on having 10 children for every 7 born to non-Muslims in 2030.


Britain FirstWhen it comes to nation of origin/heritage then Pakistanis and Bangladeshis resident in the UK have children at triple the rate of those from other ethnic groups who were born in England/Wales.

56% of new births in London hospitals have foreign born mothers.

In Ealing hospital (2011) the figure stood at 80%.

In 2001 5,000 council wards were 98% white – now it stands at less than 800.

adrian, by the cradle and the womb, our nation is being changed forever, we need you to help us fight for OUR people!

High immigrant birth rates, and they will get higher in future generations, all of those children (just look at any city schoolyard to see the ethnic makeup) will go on to have children – coupled with ongoing mass immigration, will see the British people become an aged minority in their own land in YOUR lifetime!


Britain FirstThis is the reality for your children: Over 40% of the population of Britain will be Muslim in just 20 years time!

Then we will have Sharia Law across the land, the scourge of grooming will be at disaster levels, our beloved Britain, our green and pleasant land, will be a living nightmare for the next generation of our people!

Britain First is not wasting any more time: we have already taken the gloves off and vowed to fight the scourge of Islam head on!

So far we have had Anjem Choudary rushed into police protection, we have put enormous pressure on loud-mouth Abu Izzadeen, and we are organising to take the struggle to the rest of them!

Our activists have already shown themselves willing to enter the most unpleasant Muslim-dominated areas to bring the fight to the doorsteps of the Muslim leaders, we will do it but we need people like you to help with the materials!


Britain FirstBritain First has launched a campaign of exposing, confronting, and rebutting the main leaders of Islamic extremism in Britain!

Muslim fanatics and parasites like Anjem Choudrey, Sayful Islam, Abu Izzadeen and other high-profile leaders and haters of all things British, must be confronted and resisted!

It is time we took the fight to them for a change and by contributing to our material needs we can do just that!

adrian, will you chip in?

We intend to bring the struggle to their doorsteps, to expose their venues, to lobby their local newspapers, to locate and publicise their extremist meetings, and much more!

Please click below and send a gift to ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK!’…every penny counts:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First

Britain First
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