pelted with stones in ‘Muslim area’

BNPtv interview British charity workers
pelted with stones in ‘Muslim area’

BNPtv have interviewed the two British men who were attacked in a ‘Muslim area’ of Birmingham while fundraising to save a dogs home.

Nick Griffin interviews Steven Ellis and Jason Hendry – watch now

The attacks took place when they entered the so-called ‘Muslim area’ of Sparkhill, where the mankini clad dog walkers were racially abused, pelted with stones, threatened and terrorised while going about their charity work to save Birmingham Dogs Home.

With the controlled media twisting the story to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities, and political police reports conflicting with those from eyewitnesses, Steven Ellis and Jason Hendry agreed to a BNPtv interview with Nick Griffin to set the story straight.

Neither are BNP members, nor are they political. They are regular charitable British folk and dog lovers.

In what is another clear example of our clash of cultures, our beloved canines offend Muslims because they are deemed dirty.

The BNP is the only political party in Britain which recognises the huge threat from Islam to our British culture, identity and freedom.

The BNP is the only political party in Britain which steadfastly opposes the Islamisation of Britain, the terrorising of British people in their own country by Muslims and the introduction of the medieval Islamic law of Sharia in Britain.

The BNP is also a committed advocate of animal welfare and campaigns for the fair treatment of animals and livestock.

Help raise awareness of Islamic terror against British people and its attacks on our values and lifestyle by sharing this video with all your friends and contacts. 

Reporting the facts
This event highlights, once again, the need for nationalists and truth seekers to break the propaganda grip of the controlled media on the British public.

BNPtv is a vital tool in our campaign for truth because it provides a counter to the controlled media lies and reports the facts.

BNPtv is a hard working team of highly skilled volunteers who work with equipment that BNP members and supporters have provided by way of generous donations. 

By donating here today you can show your support for the BNPtv team and help improve the quality of our broadcasts to apply further pressure on the rotten old Establishment. 

Don’t forget, you can always donate by making a cheque payable to ‘British Heritage’ and posting it to PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 7AL.

With your support we will step up our campaign for truth and expose the lies of the corrupt political class and their betrayal of the British people!

Show your support for BNPtv. Donate today.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. BNPtv plays a vital role in challenging the lies of the controlled media. The biased controlled media reports of the terrorising of British charity workers by Muslims in a so-calle


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