yemen: US drone strikes are immediately followed by AQ recruitment drives among the victims


Why drone attacks in Yemen are like ‘trying to hit a ghost’
Yalda Hakim, BBC, Aug 8 2013

US drone strikes have been effective in killing senior AQ leaders in Yemen but innocent civilians have also died, raising tensions in the impoverished and fragile country. The streets of the coastal town of Zinjibar in southern Yemen are reduced to rubble. Buildings are bombed out. This town was on the front line of a battle between the Yemeni army and AQ in Jun 2012. Government forces prevailed and one of AQ’s most dangerous offshoot, AQAP, slunk into the shadows. But it remains dangerous. AQ cells still operate here and there is also the risk of bandits who rob and kidnap. In a safe house with guards stationed outside, Mohammed Ahmad Bagash, a mechanic from the nearby town of Jaar, tells me his story. During the fighting, AQ fighters stored ammunition…

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