Foreign workers.

The increase in foreign-born workers highlights a stark “lack of skills” among UK citizens, meaning that employers are having to import labour from other countries, observers warned.

The worse-than-expected official job market figures showed that UK unemployment rose by 38,000 to 2.49 million. It means 7.9 per cent of people are now out of work .

George Osborne, the Chancellor, admitted the figures were disappointing but said jobs were still being created in the UK exonomy.

Plenty of UK people like myself have skills, previous experience etc but we are being priced out of the jobs market by cheap labour from abroad. Most of these migrants don’t have skills and only do warehouse jobs etc. The employees like them because they will work for zero hour contracts or 7 days a week for minimum wages. Often these foreigners share homes so there living costs are cheaper. They send money home where It can buy a lot more. I know Indians who are getting ten percent on the savings in their bank accounts back in India.

We should not be importing Engineers, I.T people and Doctors but training our own youth to do these jobs.


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