Easy living

One of these two cases concerns the Nigerian benefit fraudster Ovo Mayomi and his wife Juliet Ubiribo who scammed the country for a reported £43,000 although the real figure appears to be much higher as they have been ordered by the Court to pay £1.2 million under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The second reported case of the day involved bogus Asylum Seeker and Benefit Fraudster Fanta Sesay from Sierra Leone who worked illegally and also claimed benefits, eventually defrauding the country of over £180,000.

As shocking as these two cases appear to be, the British people are slowly waking up to the realisation that with the British government sponsored mass immigration of the Third World to our country the rotten corruption and rampant criminality of the Third World has arrived too and that these apparently shocking cases are merely a small visible tip of a massive iceberg of routine Third World immigrant imported plunder of our wealth and resources.

As we are seeing daily, these cases are not isolated and rare but are a common event among Third World people who see Britain’s welfare state as the way to easy riches and unearned wealth.
As the British people become slowly more aware of this criminal plunder by uninvited and unwanted invaders, they are wondering why any of these criminals have been allowed into Britain and why they are given vast amounts of money in benefit and welfare payments when they have never paid a penny into the system.

These foreign invaders should not be in our country, they have no legitimate or logical reason to be here and having paid nothing into the system, should not be eligible for anything from the British tax-payer.

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