Jewish babies stoned in their own country by Palestinians

The Muslim Issue

I hope everyone knows the TRUTH by now and disregard Arab propaganda, and know that the Palestinian people never existed and was a creation by British appointed Ottoman Mufti al-Hussaini.
al-Hussaini was suppose to provide religious solace to remains from the Ottoman empire. Instead, just like the mosques and imam’s of today, he used his ‘religious’ role not to provide spiritual guidance to Muslims but to conduct genocide against Jews. They are no “victims” of occupation, no victims of loss of any land, no victims of anything. They are aggressors. They are the early formation of terror organization Hamas (under the very first formation of what became the Muslim Brotherhood) and are breeding and existing solely to be trained from childhood on to be used by Hamas to commit terrorism, not only against Israel but once Israel is wiped out, against Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe.
“Palestinians” have…

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