Our leaders peddle the lies that we live in a democracy. If we really had democracy then all tax payers could decide how they want their taxes to be spent. I don’t want to see prisoners being able to watch TV all day – they should be made to work for their food and keep. I don’t want my taxes spent on foreign aid – we should be building up the British Manufacturing base. I also don’t want my money spent on the Marxist EU that has flooded our country with cheap labour.

Too many people in England pay nothing into the pot but get a lot more back than people who work. I would make all the dole free loaders work for their dole money – even if it meant bringing back the work houses.

With the money we could save from not being in the EU and stopping foreign aid, we could afford to pay the Muslim hate preaches and illegal migrants to leave our country.

I want my taxes to be spent on the Police and NHS and not multicultural propaganda schemes. I also want to see the QUANGO’s stopped.

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