Peaceful muslims celebrate Ramadan by vandalism in Indonesia

The Muslim Issue

Mussrats are never content or happy unless they can assault or harass someone. Here they vandalise a store, completely unprovoked.

The Islamic Defenders Front (Indonesian: Front Pembela Islam/FPI) is an Islamic fundamentalist group in Indonesia, notorious for hate crimes and terrorism in the ‘defense’ of Islam.

There have been calls by Indonesians, including from moderate Muslims, for the group to be banned.

The FPI was founded on 17 August 1998 by Saudi-educated Muhammad Rizieq Syihab. The establishment enjoyed backing from military and police generals, including former Jakarta Police Chief Nugroho Jayusman. It is also associated with former Indonesian National Armed Forces commander Wiranto. The organization’s aim is the implementation of Islamic [shariah] law in Indonesia, although an International Crisis Report called it “an urban thug organization”. Based on Wikileaks in leaked US diplomatic cables say the FPI receives funding from the police.

Some targets of their violence are:

  • on…

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