EU making it easier for Foreigners to get jobs over native British born.

Firms taking on non-UK workers qualify for a payment from Brussels worth up to £870 for every EU citizen they employ, to help pay for English lessons and other training.

Employers can recruit up to 20 foreign workers a year through the EU scheme, which is run with the co-operation of British JobCentres.

Jobless youngsters across Europe can qualify for a grant of £260 to travel to Britain for an interview.

If they land the job they also qualify for an £870 grant to help with the costs of moving to this country.

Yesterday more than 800,000 UK jobs were being advertised through the scheme – more than half the total across Europe.

These incentives come at a time when more than half of vacancies in the UK are filled by foreigners.

It is not known how many have taken advantage of the EU scheme. A UK Independence Party source said the EU was effectively ‘bribing’ firms to take foreign workers.

Party leader Nigel Farage said the initiative was ‘utterly reprehensible’ at a time when youth unemployment in this country stands at nearly one million.

He added: ‘With two and a half million people unemployed in the UK, of which 958,000 are under 25, every job vacancy counts.

‘Yet here we have the EU, which we already grossly overfund, advertising our jobs to people outside the UK and even giving them the upper hand by offering financial support to get interviews here and move here. We are essentially paying the EU to give away British jobs.’


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