Detroit, A city not to be understood

Marcus Ampe's Space

Last week, the mayor of Detroit, America’s 18th largest city and the home of the flagship of Main Street America, the US auto industry, filed for bankruptcy with debts hitting $18-20bn.  On the same week, the behemoths of Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc announced profits nearly back to their pre-crisis levels.

A few days ago I looked at may beautiful photographs of the spook-town, which looked worse than the spook towns I encountered a few years ago in Sicily.

I let my head turn round thousands of time, imagining the opportunity of certain groups finding a heaven on earth, making it possible for them, and also for me, to crate there a new community. I saw a beautiful house for only 15.000 American dollars.

Detroit, the proud of the American nation, once the most flourishing and promising city, pulling eyes from as far as…

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