So close

“Demand your right to a choice on the European Union – and help us get Britain out before it’s too late.”

That’s my message to the people of Britain, and it’s the call to action to which thousands of people have already responded.

So far, 9,500 people have already signed my petition to demand a Referendum on leaving the European Union.

We need just 500 more patriotic Britons to sign my petition and I can take our demands direct to 10 Downing Street.

Foreign tyranny

As you know, the European Union is a huge burden on the British people.

Our laws are made in Brussels instead of Westminster, and we have lost our right to self-rule. This is the reality of EU membership:

Mass immigration
We cannot afford 1,000 new people every day coming to live in Britain. We need to take back control of our own borders.

Huge taxes
The British people pay £40million every day into propping up the EU and bailing out countries like Greece and Ireland which have been ruined by the single European currency.

Rising unemployment
British jobs for British workers cannot be a reality until we leave the European Union.

Ruining our Green and Pleasant Land
The British fishing industry has been destroyed and the hugely expensive Common Agriculture Policy has made giant landowners even richer while destroying British family farms and wrecking our countryside.

The Euro is collapsing, and EU rules ban action to keep out the hordes of Romanian and Bulgarian gypsy pickpockets and beggars now headed our way.

Everybody’s sick to death of all this EU open border madness.

That’s why there has never been a better time to hammer home the British National Party message that Britain is better off out of the EU!

The fact of the matter is that even when the BNP is elected into office and forms a government, we’d be unable to shut the doors on mass immigration that is destroying our country because the Eurocrats in Brussels would not allow it.

The first step to fixing Broken Britain is freeing ourselves from EU rule.

Time for action

It’s time to demand the referendum promised to us by David Cameron and get Britain Out of the EU.

That’s why I’m leading a nationwide campaign to collect signatures and demand that Cameron fulfil his promise… not on the in 2017 or some such tale, or on the condition that he’s re-elected as Prime Minister – but right NOW!

When we secure 10,000 signatures on my Referendum NOW petition, the politicians in Westminster must raise the issue for debate in the chamber.

By forcing the issue we can make sure that the topic remains current and apply even more pressure to a beleaguered and rotten political class currently misgoverning our country.

Furthermore, to garner as much publicity as possible for the campaign I will personally deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street – that’s my promise to you.

So let’s get those 500 signatures.

If you haven’t already signed the online petition please do so right now here. 

Share this email on your Facebook page by clicking the Facebook logo at the very top of this email (see right image), and forward this email to all your friends, associates and contacts.

If the liar Cameron won’t honour his word, we’ll force him to – because it’s what Britain needs and it’s what the British people demand. 

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking you to take some time to sign a petition and promote it. Because you care about our country, you can help me put pressure on to g


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