This year, the governor of Oklahoma signed into law American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) legislation.
  The Alabama legislature passed ALAC and has sent it to the voters for approval in 2014 to add ALAC to the state constitution.

South Dakota passed the Free Speech Defense Act.
  A school board in Northern Virginia rejected a charter school application from a group affiliated with the Islamist Gulen Movement.
  A principal in Washington state removed a flawed, biased textbook from the school.
  Kansas said “no” to sharia law and passed anti-Female Genital Mutilation legislation.


And ACT! for America helped make every one of these 2013 victories possible.

We’re halfway through the year, and we need your financial support to continue our efforts and make more victories like these possible.

We have a strategy that has proven its effectiveness — and we’re surmising is also proving to be frustrating to Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR and ISNA!

We have the largest national security grassroots citizen action network in the country, with over 260,000 members and 800 chapters.

But without financial support from people like you, it would all come grinding to a halt.

Every victory, every success, no matter where it happens in America, helps make your family safer from the threat of radical Islam.

Please make an online donation today to help us to continue to “fight the good fight” for you, your family and friends, and for the America we love.

Or, if you prefer, you can print out a reply form and mail it back to us with your contribution.

Either way, you’ll be helping us defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies here in America.


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