Fellow patriot,

Fellow patriot,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent a complaint to Waltham Forest Council so far demanding that vile anti-British hate preacher Abu Izzadeen (pictured below on mic) is evicted from his taxpayer funded home….THANK YOU.

Our campaign has attracted actions from almost 3,000 British patriots….this is a huge flood of righteous anger that put immense pressure on Waltham Forest Council.

Very shortly, we will “raise the bar” in this campaign….but I cannot outline our plans, as we need to keep them secret for them to work!

Britain First

Up to this point, not a single Muslim extremist has felt ANY pressure whatsoever…all that is now changing!

Just picture the worry that will be irritating Abu Izzadeen right now: this is alien territory for him, as up to now he has got away with his anti-British agitation scot free!

Long live the British, Christian resistance to the Islamic threat within our midst!

The main problem with the situation in Britain, is that our people have lost their backbone and our enemies are now taking liberties with us all!

Yes, I say that unashamedly!

We cower in the face of the most extreme hostility and humiliations, mainly from the growing horde of poisonous Islamic extremists.

We do nothing, we say nothing, they do what they want and get away with it scot free…WELL NOT ANY LONGER!


Britain First has launched a campaign of exposing, confronting, and rebutting the main leaders of Islamic extremism in Britain.

Muslim fanatics and parasites like Anjem Choudrey, Sayful Islam, Abu Izzadeen and other high-profile leaders and haters of all things British, must be confronted and resisted!

Britain First

It is time we took the fight to them for a change!

We intend to bring the struggle to their doorsteps, to expose their venues, to lobby their local newspapers, to locate and publicise their extremist meetings, and much more!

Please click below and send a gift to ‘Operation Fightback’…every penny counts:


We have already shown our resilience when confronting these medieval barbarians before, by taking on Abu Qatada and showing him, many times over, that he is not welcome here!

Anjem Choudrey, Sayful Islam, Abu Izzadeen and the others are roaming the streets promoting “jihad” and preaching hatred against us!


‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’ is the campaign that will put the Islamic beasts on the backfoot!

For years they have undermined our people with impunity, preaching terrorism, hatred and all while claiming benefits at our expense!

Britain First

Well, the ‘True Brits’ will stay silent no longer…ARE YOU WITH US?

Our message to Choudrey, Sayful and Izzadeen is: WATCH YOUR BACKS, the British public have had enough!

You come to OUR country and hate us, despise us, do everything you can to harm us….our tolerance is at an end!

Please click below and send a gift to ‘Operation Fightback’…every penny counts:


‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’ will be a thorn in the side of all Islamic extremists in this country, and once the campaign begins, we intend to spread and extend our field of operations as more and more patriots get involved!


We are organising this campaign because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Did our hero ancestors, the lions of Waterloo, the Armada, the Somme, the Battle of Britain, of D-Day, stare death in the face and endure bullets, bombs and shells so that a horde of wretched Islamic savages could overrun Britain and turn our cities and towns into mini versions of Saudi Arabia?

Britain First

My own great-grandfather fought at the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, and I will NOT betray his sacrifice for me personally!

I will give ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’ my every last ounce of strength and passion because vermin like Choudrey, Sayful and Izzadeen need to be confronted by the righteous patriots of the British defence movement!


I want your backing for this campaign, and we need it now.

Hundreds of activists stand poised for the coming fightback, and if you cannot get involved as an activist on the “front line” then I need you to help provide the “high octane fuel” that will power this campaign.

Please click below and send a gift to ‘Operation Fightback’…every penny counts:


Can you imagine a future where the likes of Choudrey, Sayful and Izzadeen run rampant?

Britain First

Now, instead, imagine a glittering future where the True Brits stand and fight back, and make them regret every insult they hurl at our amazing and beautiful country…..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Some patriots are activists, some provide practical support, some are donors…whatever you are, I plead with you to send an immediate and substantial donation to ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’!

When you contribute to our ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’ fund with a gift of £20, £50, £100 or even £500 or £1,000, it will spread the message of true British patriotism and give our ignored and victimised people a great lift in this battle to defend our families, communities, and our Christian, British way of life from the evils of Islam!


I am depending on you to dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can.

Britain FirstI am counting on a few large special gifts but I am also depending on multiple gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200.

Please send whatever you can straight away.

I need you to respond urgently to this email…nobody else is going to defend our people…there is no ‘Plan B’!

The future of our children and our children’s children depends on what we do now!

Please click below and send a gift to ‘Operation Fightback’…every penny counts:


Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First

PS: Donating is great and we really appreciate your help, but why not stand in our ranks? You can join today by clicking this link, safe, easy and secure! Make a stand for this land! Join Britain First, TODAY!


Britain First
Joined yet? Call 0208 914 8212 TODAY!
Britain First

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(Reg NI607513), Centre house, 79 Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 4JE – Unsubscribe


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