UK: Man With ‘Middle Eastern Accent’ Sexually Assaults 75-Year-Old Woman In Broad Daylight In Public Park

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He claimed that he wanted to “practice his English”, but it wasn’t English that he was practicing. There is not a single verse in Islam’s “holy book” which even remotely discourages forced sex upon non-Muslim women, but there are several verses that green-light rape and other sexual crimes for the cause of “Allah” …

BBC – “A 75-year-old woman has been ‘sexually assaulted in broad daylight’ while sitting on a bench in a Salford park, police have said.

Her attacker asked if he could ‘practice his English with her’ in Peel Park at around 14:00 BST on Thursday.

He then asked her sexual questions and ‘kissed her and touched her inappropriately’, before running off.

Det Con Lucy Pearson said he ‘took advantage of kindness and sexually assaulted an elderly woman’.

The man was described by police as being in his mid 20s and of average build, with a middle eastern…

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