We are getting reports that Waltham Forest Council are getting a deluge of complaints from our ‘EVICT ABU IZZADEEN!’ campaign.


We need to keep up the pressure on the Council to get this vile hate preacher thrown out of his taxpayer-funded home – to achieve this I need your help, right now!


Imagine the chill that will travel down the spines of every Muslim extremist in Britain if we succeed!


Abu Izzadeen needs to be shown some British rough justice, and fast!


Listen to the words of this Islamic fanatic:


“He who joins the British Army is a mortal kaffir. And his only punishment is for his head to be removed.”


Is this not what happened to Lee Rigby?


However, sometimes cretins like Izzadeen speak a modicum of truth: “Terrorism is a part of Islam.”


He also said, “Kill them [non-Muslims] because they are kaffirs.”


Speaking to the then Home Secretary, John Reid, in East London, Izadeen said, “How dare you come to a Muslim area!”


He is on record as saying that non-Muslims are “animals” and “cowards.”


Britain FirstWell, now we take effective action against these sponging cowardly enemies – we won’t charge around the streets getting drunk, or make ineffectual public statements that are not backed up….NO.


We will hit them where it hurts, by disrupting their cushy taxpayer funded lives, by exposing their venues, by showing them opposition at every twist and turn…..they will eventually have to hide under the nearest rock!


It has been confirmed that several hundred of our complaints were lost because the email address they were sent to was disabled by the Council.


So, I am appealing to EVERYONE of our 50,000 activists to send ANOTHER complaint, even if you have done so already and to SHARE this with your friends!


As you know, it only takes a few seconds to send your complaint….we need to push and push and push now to create as much pressure and aggravation for Waltham Forest Council as possible!


Please do your bit for ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK’ by sparing a few seconds to send your complaint…..it’s now or NEVER!


Let’s make our War Heroes and our Country proud….click below to send a complaint:




Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First


Britain First


Britain First
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Britain First


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