Vile hate preacher Abu Izzadeen has made his hatred for our people very clear

Vile hate preacher Abu Izzadeen has made his hatred for our people very clear – yet he lives in a nice council house, paid for by us!


The property in question is 18 Brierley Road, Waltham Forest, London, E11 4JE, a council house owned by the London Borough of Waltham Forest.


Izzadeen has told us that the 7/7 bombers who brought carnage and death to our streets are “praiseworthy.”


He’s threatened further terror attacks in the UK, and has stated his wish to die as a suicide bomber.


He’s called for the beheading of British soldiers.


He was jailed for four and a half years for supporting terrorism.


We say this clearly breaches his tenancy agreement with Waltham Forest Council (clauses 1.44 to 1.54) in that he:


– Encourages violence and makes threats of violence.
– He harasses people on account of their religion.
– He makes verbal threats and insults.
– He threatens the physical and/or mental health of other persons.
– He acts in a way which he knows will be upsetting or disturbing to others.


We demand that Waltham Forest Council revoke his tenancy.


This preacher of hate has clearly breached the terms of the agreement he signed when he was handed a council home.


We urge all of our members and supporters to complain right now as part of our ‘Operation Fightback’ – this vile man should not be housed at our expense!


Please watch the following video and then use the link below to send your complaint:




Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First


Britain First


Britain First
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Britain First



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